Managing security and software updates efficiently on disconnected servers

  • 17. Mai 2018
  • Webinar

Managing security and software updates efficiently on disconnected servers 

Efficiently managing security and software updates is a concern for every administrator, and a disconnected environment presents additional security and software challenges. These challenges include managing content in an air-gapped network and managing updates on a Red Hat® Satellite server. 

Join this webinar to learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux® administrators can use Satellite to efficiently manage security and software updates in disconnected networks. We'll discuss:

  • The benefits of using Satellite in a connected network.
  • Installation methods for a disconnected Satellite network.
  • Populating content in a Satellite server.
  • Importing and exporting content in a disconnected network.
  • Syncing repositories in Satellite.


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Jessica Greenfield, platform consultant, Red Hat 

Jessica Greenfield is a platform consultant with Red Hat. Since joining Red Hat in 2016, she has worked on disconnected Red Hat® Satellite installations for Department of Defense (DoD) environments. 


Christopher Alliey, consulting architect, Red Hat

Chris Alliey is a consulting architect with Red Hat and has over 20 years of experience in information systems architecture, engineering, and security. Chris has a breadth of knowledge across the IT sector, focusing on automation, storage, and security.