Modernize your applications to boost your enterprise

  • 11. Juli 2018
  • Webinar

Modernize your applications to boost your enterprise

Large-scale enterprises face the challenges of modernization and maintenance of applications. Containers and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) have eased the issues of provisioning and maintaining an operations environment, but what is the next step? 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for migrating and mondernizing applications.
  • Tips for developing cloud-native microservices-based applications.

This webinar will feature Red Hat® OpenShift® Application Runtimes, a collection of Red Hat-supported runtimes to take your traditional Java™ EE or Spring applications and provide a path to cloud-native microservices.


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Kevin Franklin, senior consultant, Red Hat

Kevin Franklin is a senior middleware consultant in the North American public sector of Red Hat® Consulting. Since joining Red Hat more than 5 years ago, he has focused on application migration and modernization efforts for large-scale enterprise Java™ applications on a variety of platforms, including deployment in OpenShift®. Kevin also provides industry expertise on middleware-focused security. He has spearheaded projects from customers in insurance, international banking, and government.


Colin Lodter, consultant, Red Hat

Colin Lodter is a cloud consultant in the North American public sector of Red Hat Consulting. He concentrates on modernizing and containerizing Java applications to deploy in an OpenShift environment, and he assists customers with creating new OpenShift environments for existing microservices. Colin has worked on projects with state education and government agencies.