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How the automation of SAP infrastructure increases operational efficiency and makes room for innovation

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Automation is critical to managing, changing, and adapting not only your SAP® infrastructure, but also the way your business operates through its processes. By simplifying change through automation, you gain time and energy to focus on innovation.

Join this webinar to learn how automation can reduce your installation time. We’ll cover how you can:

  • Help organizations to lower cost, enable innovation and increase productivity as part of their SAP modernization journey through end-to-end Automation.
  • Set up a new SAP HANA® server in about 15 minutes.
  • Patch your SAP infrastructure quickly and with security.
  • Reduce planned downtime to nearly zero.
  • Easily manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Markus Koch

Markus Koch

Solution Architect, Red Hat

Markus Koch joined Red Hat in October 2010 as a Solution Architect for Red Hat's global accounts managed out of Germany. In this role, he helped his customers build ITIL-compliant operations of their datacenters. He strongly believes that software partners play a key role in infrastructure decisions. One of the key independent software vendors (ISVs) is SAP, and he worked on solutions to better integrate and manage SAP systems in Red Hat® infrastructure as part of the customer’s application landscape. Since 2016, Markus has supported SAP and SAP integration partners with their use of Red Hat technology. Previous stations in his career include Sun Microsystems and EMC.

Belkacem Moussouni

Belkacem Moussouni

Business Development Lead, EMEA - Automation, Red Hat

Belkacem has helped for more than a decade organizations of all kinds to move and scale to their IT Automation strategy. Regular speaker at events and keeps up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Currently focused on advising organizations across all industries on how to unleash the power of Automation to succeed in their digital transformation journey.