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An Introduction to Ansible Tower at HSBC 2021

Aufzeichnung vom 16. Juni 2021 ansehen
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HSBC has rolled out Ansible Tower as a service to teams worldwide. Ansible Tower provides self-service deployment, control, visibility, system tracking and tool integration for your applications and configuring the environments they run on.  Ansible Tower will help you use Ansible Playbooks to automate repetitive tasks efficiently and securely.  In this webinar, we will explain the basic concepts of Ansible playbooks, how to run those playbooks, and how Ansible Tower allows you to use those playbooks more effectively. This is a great introduction to Ansible Tower if you have not used it before, or a quick refresher if you have.


  • The terminology and architecture of Ansible
  • How Ansible plays are written and how playbooks executed
  • Ansible with Windows
  • Ansible Tower and its’ architecture
  • What can you do with Tower?
  • How to get started?

Live event date: Wednesday, June 16, 2021 | 10:30 AM BST
On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Phil Griffiths

Senior Domain Solutions Architect Hybrid Cloud & Automation, Red Hat

Phil is a Senior Domain Solutions Architect with Red Hat. He helps customers understand hybrid cloud and automation technologies and how they can help their customers and business. He is very experienced all rounder, notably in UN*X, virtualisation, cloud, infrastructure and automation based technologies.

Anthony Kesterton

Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

Anthony is a Principal Solution Architect at Red Hat in the UK, and looks after HSBC as the primary Red Hat technical contact. He has assisted organisations who are making major changes in how they deliver, operate and maintain the software that is core to their business.  He has worked with development teams, as well as infrastructure and operations teams, across different industries, looking for parallels in the way banks, telcos, defence and aerospace and government institutions solve problems.