Open Source Stories

Make a light-up Red Hat open source stories pin

Open Source Stories is a multimedia documentary series about people who dare to build things out in the open for all to share and build upon.

Whether it's the 3-D printed prosthetics in our e-Nable story, or the cars of tomorrow in our Road to A.I. story, open hardware is seriously germane to the conversation.

Using your not-so-serious Open Source Stories pin hardware packet from the 2017 Open Hardware Summit, follow these assembly instructions:

Tools needed:

Soldering iron
Wire clippers
Sticky tack to hold the badge in place (optional)

Step 1

From the front of the badge, bend the legs of your components (the reed switch and the resistors) and feed them through the holes of the PCB.

Step 2

Turn the badge over and solder in the reed switch (long, clear-green component) by touching solder and the component to a soldering iron.

Step 3

Solder your 3 resistors (small, tan components).

Step 4

LEDs are directional, so match the short leg to the flat side of the circle to feed your LEDs through the front of the PCB and solder them in.

Step 5

Trim the excess legs of the components.

Step 6

Place the battery holder into the back of the PCB. Turn it over and solder it in place.

Step 7

Insert the battery into the holder ("+" side up) and test the board by placing the magnet over "Magnet On."

Step 8

Put the pin on your shirt or backpack. To keep it attached without draining the battery, place the magnet over "Magnet Off."