Red Hat Embedded Program

Red Hat Embedded Program

Industry Use Cases


Whether shifting business models to capture new revenue, meeting explosive growth and unpredictable peaks in bandwidth demands, or fighting intense competition, communications companies are facing significant change and growth.

Red Hat offers telecommunications companies secure, open IT infrastructure and the only complete software suite available to successfully bring the benefits of NFV deployment to the telecom enterprise.

The Red Hat Embedded Program can help partners:

  • Gain cost and operational efficiency.
  • Reduce complexity.
  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Maintain flexibility and growth, even within private, hybrid, and public cloud environments.


Healthcare device solutions have varied architectures and capabilities, but all have a common objective—to measure physical characteristics and collect information. Red Hat solutions can help suppliers of health information technology solutions, services, devices and hardware improve data collection from local medical devices to hospital servers and then on to central hosted data centers. Business rules based on patient care scenarios can be added to create alerts and actions. This results in:

  • Real-time reaction to data from diverse machine types in hospitals.
  • Value-added solutions which optimize workflow, transform the patient experience and improve the quality of care delivery.
  • Comprehensive enterprise-wide approach for device connectivity, alarm management, and care team communication.

The Red Hat Embedded Program brings::

  • Performance: The speed to support real-time measurements and rapid processing required in medical device scenarios.
  • Reliability: Confidence to handle the demands of a medical environment, where failure could have dire consequences.
  • Security and compliance: Protection of HIPAA data, and a basis for meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Support: Maintain a high level of responsiveness for healthcare devices deployed in life-and-death situations.

Internet of Things

Red Hat helps enterprises like yours make use of both new and existing data streams to create unique value, improve customer engagement, and generate new business opportunities. We allow you to bridge the gap between IT and operational technology by driving intelligence outside of the datacenter and enabling secure collection, transformation, and processing of data generated from any connected IoT device.

Our single, extensible, secure foundation supports the end-to-end lifecycle of IoT solutions, from development to production. We deliver trusted solutions which capture community innovation, eliminate vendor lock-in, and prevent cost escalation. Red Hat solutions provide the critical enterprise level security, reliability, and support required by the IoT so that you can focus on what matters most to your business: delivering business value and competitive differentiation.

Red Hat's portfolio of embeddable products, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, cloud offerings, and end-to-end messaging, data grid services, and storage, provide value for intelligent systems supporting IoT solutions.

The Red Hat Embedded Program brings:

  • Reliability: Assurance against downtime that could severely impact infrastructure.
  • Security and compliance: Protection against hacking of edge devices and controllers and a basis for meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Support: A business and technology partnership that helps you bring a competitively priced product to market more quickly and fast problem resolution necessary to keep the solution secure once in the field.
  • Performance: One highly reliable platform throughout the intelligent system architecture that improves the solution's predictability and stability.

Industry examples:

  • Energy Industry: meter data management, energy efficiency management, dynamic demand management, substation management, regulatory compliance management
  • Healthcare industry: medical imaging system, healthcare management system, patient monitoring system, electronic medical/health record management
  • Retail industry examples: point-of-sale systems, retail kiosks, card readers, inventory management, workforce management, security and loss prevention
  • Transportation industry examples: positive train control, dispatching systems, in-flight entertainment systems, sensor management, predictive failure analysis, infotainment system

ThoughtWire builds IoT integration platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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