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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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Session titlesSpeakers
10:00 am
Security Technologies in RHELDmitri Pal
10:15 am
A greybeard's worst nightmare—how Kubernetes and Docker containers are re-defining the Linux OSDaniel Riek
An introduction to OpenShift.io, an end-to-end OpenShift development platform in the cloudTodd Mancini, James Strachan
Ansible BoFRobyn Bergeron, Greg DeKoenigsberg
Automated Out-of-Band management with Ansible and RedfishJacob Jackson, Jose Delarosa, Dell
Defining operational roles with containers and DevOpsDrew Stockdreher
Enabling the healthcare enterprise: An agile storyRadu Craioveanu, Fresenius Medical Care
From legacy to microservices: Lessons learned on the road to success by Miles & MoreTorben Jaeger, Matthias Krohnen, Miles & More GmbH, Serge Pagop
Getting started with AnsibleReiner Rieger, Roland Wolters
Hands on with Red Hat Satellite 6.3Mike McCune, Bryan Kearney, Ohad Levy
How to build and deliver an Intelligent Orchestration PlatformDenise Glasscock
HPE Synergy Composable infrastructure ecosystem & HPE OneViewBob Fraser, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ynema Mangum, HPE
Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the public cloudMatt Micene, Jerome Boutaud
Linux container internalsJamie Duncan, Vinny Valdez, Billy Holmes, Scott McCarty
On the path to persistent memoryJeff Moyer, Linda Knippers
OpenShift for operatorsHarrison Ripps, Jim Minter, Erik Jacobs
Practical OpenSCAP—security standard compliance and reportingRobin Price, Martin Preisler
Red Hat Ceph Storage Roadmap: Past, Present and FutureNeil Levine
Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Primer: Capabilities, Vision and RoadmapPhil Simpson, Masahiko Umeno, Ryuji Kurokawa, Mark Proctor, Tetsuya Kimura, Prakash Aradhya
Red Hat Middleware Application PlatformsRich Sharples
Red Hat security roadmapMark Thacker
Technological pivot points lightning talksJon Masters, Tom Coughlan, Veer Muchandi, Steven Carter, Tom Corcoran
The app is written—I wonder what the users will thinkBob Tierney
The future of datacenters as seen from Red Hat's office of technologyStephen Watt
The future Red Hat Middleware portfolio: Stacks and services and solutionsMark Little
Unleash innovation with Red Hat cloud management and modern app developmentVagner Farias, Mauricio Leal, Pablo Szuster
Using real-time data to enable real-time analyticsSyed Rasheed, Cojan van Ballegooijen
11:00 am
Why Agile Integration?David Codelli, Sameer Parulkar
11:30 am
Red Hat CloudForms core roadmapBrad Ascar, Federico Simoncelli, John Hardy
A holistic approach to advanced cloud migrationLan Chen, Bill Helgeson
Architecting and performance-tuning efficient Gluster storage poolsDustin Black, Benjamin Turner
Deterministic storage performance: 'The AWS way' for capacity-based QoS with OpenStack and CephFederico Lucifredi, Sean Cohen, Kyle Bader
Developing cloud-ready Camel microservicesClaus Ibsen
HANA Express - Developer EditionUwe Heinz, SAP
Hyper-converged OpenStack and CephANDREW THEURER, John Fulton
If it’s a Multi-Cloud World, where in the World Do I Go?William Giard, N/A, Gerald Seaman, Intel
It’s all about the process: How Red Hat IT is using JBoss BPM SuiteMichael Cirioli, Maciej Swiderski, Kris Verlaenen
Migrating to microservice databases—from relational monolith to distributed dataEdson Yanaga
Modern App Development & Mobile: A Must Have Digital ExperienceSteve O'Keefe
Red Hat Container Catalog and Trusted ContentScott McCarty
Red Hat container technology strategyDaniel Riek, Clayton Coleman
Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmapRon Pacheco, Karen Noel
Red Hat Satellite 6 power user tips and tricksThomas Cameron, Rich Jerrido1
Red Hat Satellite 6 power user tips and tricksThomas Cameron, Rich Jerrido2
Shifting up: How BMW speeds up application delivery using a cloud-native application platformAlexander Lenk, Jens Eckert, Wolfram Richter
Teamwork and innovation lightning talksGina Likins, E.G. Nadhan, Consuelo Madrigal Cabañas1
Teamwork and innovation lightning talksGina Likins, E.G. Nadhan, Consuelo Madrigal Cabañas2
The age of uncertainty: how can we make security betterBruno Oliveira, William Henry
The Power of Cloud Workspaces in OpenShift.ioPete Muir, Todd Mancini
Transforming a Process Driven Enterprise to a Digitally Engaged EnterprisePrakash Aradhya, jeanine bradley, Railinc, Phil Simpson, Clare Grant
Transparent, participative, inclusive: The open decision frameworkKatrinka McCallum, Rebecca Fernandez, Jennifer Krieger
Unleash your databaseDouglas O'Flaherty, IBM, Lenley Hensarling, EnterpriseDB
Writers Write! The Documentation BOFJason Porter
12:30 pm
What are your digital foundations?Eric Schabell
1:00 pm
Cirque du application development—containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShiftSteven Pousty, Charlotte Ellet, Marek Jelen
Containerizing applications—existing and newScott Collier, Langdon White, Dusty Mabe, Tommy Hughes
From source to RPM in 120 minutesAdam Miller
Deploy Ceph Rados Gateway as a replacement for OpenStack SwiftCyril Lopez, Gregory Charot, Sebastien Han
How to build a containerized IoT solution on OpenShiftIshu Verma, Andrew Block
1:30 pm
Ansible—all the thingsAdam Miller
Button push deployments with integrated Red Hat ManagementMaxim Burgerhout, Michael Dahlgren, Laurent Domb
Customize and secure your enterprise mobile Salesforce integrations like Red HatTom Corcoran, Christina WEI MEI LIN, Maggie Hu
Digital transformation in utilitiesDwayne Bradley, Justin Pittman, Davianne Duarte, John Archer, Naga Valasagandla
Enable agility with infrastructure-as-codeStephane Lefrere, Julio Villarreal
From monolith to containers: How Verizon containerized legacy applications on OpenShiftMalik Sayed, Zohaib Khan
Mobile API Management and Integration - A Reference Architecture and DemoChad Darby, Hong Hua Chin
Modern Java and DevOps lightning talksJason Meyer, Wayne Dovey, Ken Finnigan, Jason O'Connell1
Modern Java and DevOps lightning talksJason Meyer, Wayne Dovey, Ken Finnigan, Jason O'Connell2
Modern Java and DevOps lightning talksJason Meyer, Wayne Dovey, Ken Finnigan, Jason O'Connell3
OpenStack as a Service: Consuming Your Private Cloud Like It’s a Public Cloud?Daniel Sheppard, Rackspace
Red Hat Gluster Storage roadmap: Past, present, & futureSayan Saha
Red Hat iPaaS—integration made easyKeith Babo, Hiram Chirino
Technical transformation in higher ed @ UNC Chapel HillBoris Kurktchiev, Stephen Braswell
Telco cloud transformation: How far have we come?Susan James, Ericsson
Delivering containerized apps to production more often with higher confidenceSiamak Sadeghianfar
2:00 pm
Storage is Changing; Software Defined StorageSteve Bohac
2:30 pm
Infrastructure Risk ManagementWilliam Nix
3:30 pm
A design approach to bridge DevOps and Business AutomationRon Murhammer, David Bush
Accelerating your journey to Microsoft Azure with Ansible and CloudFormsCameron Wyatt, Stuart Kirk, Microsoft
Building a fast and scalable architecture for SKY TV Video Encoding with Openshift Container Platform and Red Hat Gluster StorageDavide Gandino, Sky Television, Samuele Dell'Angelo, Federico Nebiolo
Building an edge-to-cloud IoT solution with commercial-grade OSSIshu Verma, Patrick Steiner
Community By The NumbersBrian Proffitt
Comparison of control plane deployment architectures in a hyperconverged OpenStack infrastructureMiroslav Halas, Lenovo
Decision Modelling and Notation (DMN) 101Denis Gagne, Trisotech, Edson Tirelli
Financial services industry (FSI) breakoutBrad Harrison, TD Bank, John Marx, N/A, Remy Paternoster, BBVA, Russ Popeil, Anthony Golia, Chris Weaver, Capital One
Hands on with the pros and the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux capabilitiesChristoph Doerbeck, Mike Watkins, Rob Wilmoth, Matt St. Onge, Eddie Chen
Increasing Developer Confidence and Reducing Development Risk with OpenShift.io AnalyticsTodd Mancini, SriKrishna Paparaju
Love containers. Love DevOps. Love OpenShift. Need business case.Keith Lynch, Graeme Colman, Daniel Oh
Performance analysis and tuning of Red Hat Enterprise LinuxDouglas John Shakshober, Joe Mario, Bill Gray, Larry Woodman
Private or public cloud: How you can have your cake and eat it too with Red HatJonathan Gershater, Kevin Jones
Red Hat Satellite 6 roadmap and demonstrationWill Darton, Navy Federal Credit Union, Rich Jerrido
Red Hat Virtualization and KVM roadmapsYaniv Dary, Moran Goldboim
Red Hat's integration roadmapJack Britton, Keith Babo
Show me the money! Optimize your business with JBoss BRMS Business Resource PlannerGeoffrey De Smet, Duncan Doyle
Storage lightning talksAsmita Jagtap, Brent Compton, Abhijit Dey, Mukesh Bafna, Irshad Raihan1
Storage lightning talksAsmita Jagtap, Brent Compton, Abhijit Dey, Mukesh Bafna, Irshad Raihan2
Taking the yellow brick road, an AWS migration storyMandus Momberg, Amazon Web Services
The Fury and the Sound: A mock disaster security vulnerability fableC Rob
Up and running with Red Hat identity managementJim Wildman, Thomas Gamull, Chuck Mattern
Women in ITAnnagreth Flierl Williams, Katrina Novakovic
Containerizing an Existing ApplicationJoe Brockmeier
Explore new AI frontiers with machine learning technologiesCarlos Costa, Daniel Jeffries
OpenShift Roadmap: What's New & What's Next!Diogenes Rettori, Steve Speicher, Mike Barrett, Marc Curry
Reproducible development to live applications with Java and Red Hat CDKAndrew Lee Rubinger, Lalatendu Mohanty
The Three Pillars that Apply Agile to IntegrationDavid Codelli, Steven Willmott
4:00 pm
Proactive & Continuous Risk ManagementWilliam Nix
4:30 pm
Achieving deployment excellence with OpenShift.ioSriKrishna Paparaju, Todd Mancini
Automate security response with Red Hat MangementWilliam Nix
Bringing Red Hat benefits to Spring Boot and Spring CloudEdson Yanaga
High-performance computing in hybrid cloudsDaniel McGuan, Chuck Gilbert
How to survive the Internet of Things: SecurityRuss Doty
Introducing JBoss A-MQ 7—flexible messaging for the enterprise, cloud, & IoTDavid Ingham
On the path to building an event-monitoring data pipeline for storage microservicesNarendra Narang, Daniel Smith
The roadmap for a security-enhanced Red Hat OpenStack PlatformNathan Kinder, Keith Basil
What do home devices, your business processes, and chatbots have in common? Revenue!anurag saran, Kavitha Srinivasan
5:00 pm
Helping customers and partner collaborate with ManageIQSergio Ocón Cárdenas
5:30 pm
Bring your performance and scale problems to the expertsJoe Mario
Extending Red Hat Products with MobileBill Novak, Juana Nakfour, Bob Tierney
6:00 pm
On the path to open infrastructureScott Herold
6:30 pm
Automating security compliance for physical, virtual, cloud and container environmentsLucy Kerner

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
10:00 am
Preparing for Kubernetes Federation: What does it mean?Mike Barrett
10:15 am
A road to containers at Volvo CarsSiamak Sadeghianfar, Robert Forsström, Volvo Cars
A walk-through of Red Hat OpenShift Container PlatformGrant Shipley
Ansible Tower by Red Hat overview and roadmapJustin Nemmers, Bill Nottingham
Atomic BOFJosh Berkus, Colin Walters, Dan Walsh
Best practices for successfully deploying NFV (Network Functions Virtualization)Rimma Iontel, Julio Villarreal
Blueprint for modern application architecture with APIs, OpenID, and microservicesMark Cheshire, Daria Mayorova
Building secure IoT solutions with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform, Red Hat 3Scale API Management Platform, Red Hat Fuse and BRMS, and Red Hat Enterprise LinuxIshu Verma, Patrick Steiner, Maggie Hu
Ceph as Monash University's research data engineSteve Quenette, Monash eResearch Centre at Monash University, Rafael Lopez, Monash University, Blair Bethwaite, Monash University
Creating and using source-to-image builders for OpenShiftSamuel Tauil, Christian Hernandez, Veer Muchandi, chakradhar jonagam
DevOps and Hybrid Cloud Implementation using Lenovo converged infrastructure, Red Hat OpenShift, and CloudFormsSrihari Angaluri, Lenovo Group
Exposing data as services in a microservices architecture on OpenShiftCojan van Ballegooijen, Madou Coulibaly, Tariq Islam
Federal Agency Pursues Business Logic at the Speed of Big DataGeorge Batchvarov
Integration lightning talksJosh Reagan, Lucy Kerner, Mary Cochran1
Integration lightning talksJosh Reagan, Lucy Kerner, Mary Cochran2
Latest and Greatest Red Hat Mobile Application Platform featuresJoe OReilly, Nano Gough
Practical OpenSCAP-security standard compliance and reportingRobin Price, Martin Preisler
Preview BPM Suite 7 And meet the brains behind itMark Proctor, Cristiano Nicolai
Red Hat OpenStack Platform—leading OpenStack to successMark Mc Loughlin, Nick Barcet, Keith Basil
Security-Enhanced Linux for mere mortalsThomas Cameron
Taking out the trash: The G1 Garbage Collector overview for everyoneMatthew Robson
The Ceph power show: Hands on with CephKaran Singh, Kyle Bader, Daniel Messer
The digital transformation of the telecommunications industryMarouane Balmakhtar, Darrell Jordan-Smith, Azhar Sayeed, Paul Fischer, Sandro Mazziotta, Jaffer Derwish
The French Postal Service: Agile digital transformation with OpenShift Container Platform and Fuse Integration ServicesDiogenes Rettori, Guihem Vianes, La Poste , DSI BSCC, Andre Enquin
The Open Org in EducationHeidi Ellis, Western New England University, Gregory Hislop, Drexel University
Thyssenkrupp: Workforce Optimization With Business Resource Planner and OpenShiftJohn Rinaldi, Josh Bryant, Justin Goldsmith
Using Ansible by Red Hat to manage your hybrid cloudTom Melendez, Google Cloud Platform, Ryan Brown
Why education needs the open source communityTom Callaway, Stephen Jacobs, Charlie Reisinger, Aria Chernik
11:00 am
Use cases and Processes for application infrastructure modernizationPaul Hinz
11:30 am
An open platform to support digital transformationJohn Clingan
Benefits of upgrading to RHV 4.xJon Benedict
Capitalize on the Digital Transformation Opportunity With Cisco and Red HatNiki Acosta, Thomas Cameron, Kiran Kamity, Reuven Cohen
Container-driven continuous deliveryRaffaele Spazzoli
Demystifying the Costs of Enterprise MobilityChad Holmes
Deploying Couchbase in Red Hat OpenShift with Kubernetes StatefulSets at AmadeusNicolas Motte, Anil Kumar, Gabriel Bechara
Discover the foundations of digital transformationEric Schabell
Disney Studios and Pixar use OpenShift to accelerate the delivery of platforms and servicesLeonard Arul, Dale Bewley, Thomas Haynes, Charles Sochin
Distributed CI: A collaborative continuous integration platformGonéri Le Bouder, Yanis Guenane, Gaël Rehault
Driving real-world success with Red Hat Consulting and TrainingGreg Borsuk, Ken Goetz, John Allessio
Fedora FriendsAdam Miller
Identity and access management: Choosing the right tool for the right jobBoleslaw Dawidowicz, Dmitri Pal, Ellen Newlands
Introduction to SQL Server on RHEL and Open ShiftTravis Wright
Managing services with Red Hat CloudForms and Ansible by Red HatJerome Marc, Gerardus Jansen, William Deur, ING Bank
Mastering deployments with Kubernetes & OpenShift: From basic to zero downtime, blue/green, A/B, and canaryRafael Benevides
Migrating TD Bank's monolithic Java EE application to a microservices architectureJohn Eckstein, Brad Harrison, Rajith Attapattu
Observability and automation lightning talksAndrius Benokraitis, Shirly Radco, Steven Huels, Miguel Perez Colino, Yaniv Dary, Mike Amburn Dixon, Jonathan Gershater1
Observability and automation lightning talksAndrius Benokraitis, Shirly Radco, Steven Huels, Miguel Perez Colino, Yaniv Dary, Mike Amburn Dixon, Jonathan Gershater2
Observability and automation lightning talksAndrius Benokraitis, Shirly Radco, Steven Huels, Miguel Perez Colino, Yaniv Dary, Mike Amburn Dixon, Jonathan Gershater3
OpenShift and the insightful application development life cycleWill Benton, Michael McCune
Stepping off a cliff: Common sense approaches to cloud securityJared Sanders, Tapestry Technologies, Mike Bursell, Ted Brunell
Ten layers of container securityTimothy Hunt, Kirsten Newcomer
Tuning Red Hat products for databasesSanjay Rao
12:00 pm
Ansible Lockdown: Get involved with security and Ansible.Steven Carter
12:30 pm
Modernizing storage infrastructure with open scale-out storageWolfgang Schulze
1:00 am
Agile development method for process driven appsPhil Simpson
Apps 101—building mobile apps and microservicesChad Holmes, Bill Novak, Bob Tierney, Cian Clarke
Automate Red Hat Virtualization infrastructure using AnsibleMoran Goldboim, Martin Perina, Yaniv Dary
1:30 pm
Application modernization and migration to Red Hat JBoss Middleware and Red Hat OpenShiftZohaib Khan, Marc Zottner, Tobias Hartwig
Automating, securing, and managing Cox Automotive's (Autotrader) big data infrastructureWilliam Nix, Abdi Hersi, Cox Automotive (Autotrader)
Building mobile workforce-management solutionsPhilip Hayes
Choosing the right storage for your OpenStack cloudRahul Vijayan, Sadique Puthen Peedikayil
Cloud Solutions for Enterprise Mobility, powered by the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform on OpenShiftJames Mernin
Deep dive on case managementMaciej Swiderski, Kris Verlaenen
DevSecOps the open source wayWilliam Henry, Gordon Haff
DXC Intro and Modernizing your Apps and Cloud TransformationJoe Paulsen, DXC Technology
High-availability clustering in Red Hat Enterprise LinuxThomas Cameron
Identity Management and Compliance in OpenShiftMarc Boorshtein, Tremolo Security, Inc., Ellen Newlands
IoT in oil and gas: Architectures and experiencesJohn Archer, Michael Costello, Glenn West
Observability and automation lightning talksAndrius Benokraitis, Shirly Radco, Steven Huels, Miguel Perez Colino, Yaniv Dary, Mike Amburn Dixon, Jonathan Gershater
Red Hat Satellite lightning talksTom McKay, Sureshkumar Thirugnanasambandan, Rich Jerrido
Red Hat Satellite lightning talksTom McKay, Sureshkumar Thirugnanasambandan, Rich Jerrido
Securing your container supply chainMatt Lyteson
The Truth about MicroservicesJohn Frizelle
Utilizing persistent memory to improve database performance & reduce costsKaren Dorhamer, HPE
What's Coming with Satellite 6.3Rich Jerrido
2:00 pm
Openshift Container Platform: A Holistic Approach to Container SecurityTariq Islam
2:30 pm
Real time predictive analyticsSyed Rasheed
3:30 pm
A practical introduction to container securityDan Walsh, Bob Kozdemba
Accelerate application development with Event Storming and Open Innovation LabsMatyas Danter, Justin Holmes
Allianz: How we deployed 1, 000 applications in a single Red Hat JBoss EAP domainJose Roman Martin Gil, Enrique Martinez Vaca, Miguel Ángel Robles Cavero, Allianz AMOS Iberolatam
Converging insightful, data-led applications with traditional web applicationsMichael McCune, Steven Pousty
Digital Transformation for Modern Service ProvidersKen Lee, Dell
End to End BPM: From process modeling to execution with Signavio and Red HatDuncan Doyle, Tom Debevoise, Signavio
Flexible, software-defined networking infrastructure from Red HatRussell Bryant, rashid khan
Infrastructure security lightning talksLucy Kerner, William Nix, Phil Griffiths1
Infrastructure security lightning talksLucy Kerner, William Nix, Phil Griffiths2
Installing Red Hat OpenShift on Red Hat OpenStack Platform with Ansible by Red HatSim Zacks, Sasha Segal
Node.js for building modern applicationsRammohan Chitimilla
NVMe over Fabrics: High-performance SSDs networked over ethernetIlker Cebeli, Rob Davis
Preparing for 5G: Distributed cloud infrastructureMartin Körling
Red Hat Cloud Suite roadmapNick Barcet, Xavier Lecauchois, Jesse Wu, Rob Young, Joe Fernandes
Red Hat Storage Console 3: Unified Management of Ceph and Gluster storageJeff Applewhite
Scaling Agile in a large matrixed organizationJennifer Krieger
Wicked fast PaaS: Performance tuning of OpenShift and DockerJeremy Eder, Michael Fiedler
Continuous delivery with containersBenjamin Parees, Siamak Sadeghianfar, Jorge Morales
Creating a more open, collaborative, and inclusive culture at workDenise Dumas, DeLisa Alexander, Rebecca Fernandez
Deploying OpenShift at scale in a regulated industryWilliam Dettleback, Chris Milsted
Dive into RedHat OpenShift Container Platform on Microsoft AzureGrant Shipley, Boris Baryshnikov
Government and education breakout 1: What is needed to build trusted infrastructures?Jeffrey Blank, Christopher Apsey, Shawn Wells
Hands-on introduction to Red Hat CloudFormsMichael Dahlgren, Jon Jozwiak, James Rankin
Learn hands-on how to modernize legacy applicationsThomas Qvarnstrom, James Falkner
Managing containers at scale with Red Hat ManagementItamar Heim, Jason DeTiberus, Loic Avenel
Supporting IoT hardware in the communityJim Perrin
Unlocking Big Data Infrastructure Efficiency with Hadoop over disaggregated storageAnjaneya Chagam, Manoj Wadekar
4:00 pm
DevOps and AnxietyDiogenes Rettori
4:30 pm
Connecting IoT and DevOps, the open source wayOliver Horn, Alexander Menz, Johann Loran
Containers and the enterprise—how do we accelerate adoption?Miska Kaipiainen
Easily secure your front- and back-end applications with KeyCloakSebastien Blanc
Government and education breakout 2: Digital transformation: The consumerization of government ITAdam Clater, John Coble, Scott Van Velsor, Peter Levin
Microservices and OpenShift with .NET Core and .NET Standard 2.0Scott Hunter, Don Schenck
Open Service Broker API: Enabling microservices in the enterpriseTodd Sanders, Paul Morie
Red Hat JBoss A-MQ performance and scalabilityMark Wagner
Scalable state management for cloud native apps.Thomas Qvarnstrom
6:00 pm
Five cool things you can do with Ansible and WindowsTyler Cross
6:30 pm
Automating AWS with AnsibleTimothy Appnel

Thursday, May 4, 2017

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
10:00 am
How to handle the complexity of migrating to microservices from 10 years of monolithic codeAlberto Salazar
10:15 pm
12 factors to cloud successRafael Benevides
Agile software development--the Red Hat wayJennifer Krieger, Dan McPherson
Automating security compliance for physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments with Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Satellite, and Ansible Tower by Red HatLucy Kerner
Big data analytics with Silicon Valley Data Science and Red HatBrent Compton, Stephen O'Sullivan, Silicon Valley Data Science
Case management applications with BPMKris Verlaenen, Andrew Bonham, Capital One, Michelle Kelo, Capital One
Changing the way we do IT at Best Buy: Using Ansible by Red Hat for automationThomas Hudak, Best Buy, Michael Dahlgren
Containers lightning talksJeremy Eder, David Levine, Michael McGrath, Dirk Herrmann, Richard Fontana1
Containers lightning talksJeremy Eder, David Levine, Michael McGrath, Dirk Herrmann, Richard Fontana2
Containers lightning talksJeremy Eder, David Levine, Michael McGrath, Dirk Herrmann, Richard Fontana3
Containers lightning talksJeremy Eder, David Levine, Michael McGrath, Dirk Herrmann, Richard Fontana4
Demystifying systemdBen Breard, Lennart Poettering
Developing interoperable components for an open IoT foundationMarco Carrer, Eurotech, James Kirkland
Hands on for the first time with Red Hat OpenStack PlatformJacob Liberman, Guil Barros, Rhys Oxenham
Hitchhikers guide to Node.JS in the Modern Enterprise ArchitectureJay Balunas
How business automation is driving operational transformation at CitiJeff Forte, Salem Elrahal, Vinod Panicker, Kelly Switt
Insightful applications from scratch with Apache Spark on OpenShiftMichael McCune, Will Benton, Steven Pousty
JBoss A-MQ 7 technical deep diveTed Ross, David Ingham
Managing across the API life cycleChristina WEI MEI LIN, Vanessa ramos
Microsoft and Red Hat Partner and Deliver Integrated Support, a Unique Offering in the IT WorldLiju Kodichera Jayadevan, Microsoft, Abirami Iyer, Microsoft, Jennifer Anderson, Vita Pamucci, Microsoft
Modernizing application deployments with OpenShift Container PlatformRyan Hennessy, Guna Vijayaratnam
Open culture: A driving force for IT transformationThomas Cameron, David Egts, E.G. Nadhan, Jason Hibbets, Patricia Bogoevici
Practical SELinux: Writing custom application policyMiroslav Grepl, Simon Sekidde, Lukas Vrabec
Security practices in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform at AmadeusNenad Bogojevic, Diogenes Rettori
Self-healing networks using AnsibleWalter Bentley, Jon Bersuder
Taste of Red Hat Training: Developing containerized application imagesZachary Gutterman, Fernando Lozano
Telecommunications birds-of-a-feather gatheringRob Wilmoth, Gordon Keegan
The hardest part of microservices is your dataChristian Posta
Using Openshift with AWS Services & FeaturesDavid Duncan
11:30 am
A container-platform approach to digital transformation and DevOpsBrian Gracely, Chris Houseknecht
Advanced DroolsMario Fusco, Mark Proctor
An OpenShift DevOps platform in a highly regulated environmentSimon Cashmore, Anthony Kesterton
Angular 4 & Fabric8: Scale your front-end development teamJoshua Wilson, Pete Muir
Best Practices for your SAP Migration to HANAJohn Martin, Arun Narayanan
Building big data analytics applications with Red Hat data technologies in OpenShiftTed Jones, Kim Palko
Container-native storage for modern applications with OpenShift and Red Hat Gluster StorageSayan Saha, Michael Adam
Converting a Tibco BusinessWorks application to Apache CamelSundar Munirathnam Rajendran, Ashwin Karpe
Developing Microservices with WildFly Swarm and MicroProfileJohn Clingan, Ken Finnigan
DirtyCow: A game changer?Clifford Perry, christopher robinson
Find, fix, deploy and secure faster: Automate security with Ansible by Red Hat, Red Hat Insights, Red Hat Satellite, and proactive supportWilliam Nix, Paul Needle, Rich Jerrido1
Find, fix, deploy and secure faster: Automate security with Ansible by Red Hat, Red Hat Insights, Red Hat Satellite, and proactive supportWilliam Nix, Paul Needle, Rich Jerrido2
Healthcare interoperability and the new age of integrationSameer Parulkar, Craig Klein
How to grow your business with a scalable and secure Linux data serverFilipe Miranda, Ernest Horn, IBM
Integrated security in CI/CD with Red Hat OpenShiftAaron Weitekamp, Tim Mackey, Justin Goldsmith
Integration in a microservices architecture on OpenShift with Red Hat FuseJames Falkner, Hiram Chirino
Mastering Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7Terry Bowling, Thomas Cameron
Neurodiversity in the workforceStu Shader, Christine Puccio
New Developments in Container Networking: Network PolicyDan Courcy
OpenStack lightning talksJonathan Gershater, Donna DeCapite, Bob Callaway
Reactive systems with Eclipse Vert.x and Red Hat OpenShiftClement Escoffier
The evolution of chat: Growing your community with TwitterJason Hibbets
The integrated cloudsMatt St. Onge, Phil Avery, BJ's Wholesale Club
The security of cryptographyNikos Mavrogiannopoulos
Using BPM Suite in a reactive architecture with microservices deployed in Docker containers and managed in Amazon ECS (EC2 Container Service)Andrew Bonham, David Murphy, Sairam Tadigadapa
4:45 pm
Security and compliance: From existing infrastructure to cloudKeith Basil, Rodrigo Diaz Diaz, Glenn Eaton, Jerel Gilmer
11:45 pm
Government & education luncheon: The impact of the individual in government and educationMike Hermus, David Egts, Marshall Holloway, Patrick Casey, Chris Wade
12:00 pm
Security and compliance: From existing infrastructure to cloudKeith Basil, Rodrigo Diaz Diaz, Glenn Eaton, Jerel Gilmer
12:00 pm
2016 Risk Reportchristopher robinson
Red Hat Women’s Leadership Community luncheon, co-sponsored by MicrosoftJulia White, DeLisa Alexander
12:30 pm
How to setup a contianer platform for modern application delivery in minutesEric Schabell
1:00 pm
Hands on HACEP: Highly available and horizontally scalable complex event processingAndrea Tarocchi, Andrea Leoncini, Sanne Grinovero, Ugo Landini
Taste of Red Hat Training: Getting started with Ansible playbooksAdolfo Vazquez, Snehangshu Karmakar
What's Coming in Satellite 6.3Rich Jerrido
Managing the life cycle of your OpenShift cluster from installation and beyondVinny Valdez, Jason DeTiberus, Scott Collier, Andrew Block
Managing the life cycle of your OpenShift cluster from installation and beyondVinny Valdez, Jason DeTiberus, Scott Collier, Andrew Block
1:30 pm
Are you being served? Containers, microservices and the cloud-native telcoAnita Tragler, Marc Curry, Jim Logan, Affirmed Networks
Challenges in a Microservices Age: Monitoring, Logging and Tracing on OpenShiftMartin Etmajer, Dynatrace
Function as a Service (FaaS) - why you should care and what you need to knowRich Sharples
Getting more from open source—process and cultureChris Jenkins, Malcolm Herbert
GPUs: Using HMM to blur the lines between CPU and GPU programmingJérôme Glisse, John Hubbard, NVIDIA
Hybrid automation at RabobankJan van der Noll, Koen van Bakel, Andre Rozendaal
MicroProfile: Optimizing Java EE for a microservices architectureKen Finnigan, John Clingan
Mobile lightning talksSebastien Blanc, Hong Hua Chin, Chad Darby, Summers Pittman, Juana Nakfour1
Mobile lightning talksSebastien Blanc, Hong Hua Chin, Chad Darby, Summers Pittman, Juana Nakfour2
Mobilizing and securing Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite and BRMSMaggie Hu, Yossi Koren, Ken Spokas
Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated + Google Cloud Platform: The leading enterprise container platform on the container-optimized cloudMartin Buhr, Sathish Balakrishnan
The art of blameless retrospectivesJennifer Krieger
The Open Innovation Labs DevOps experienceØystein Bedin, Justin Holmes
Why storage matters for your digital transformationRoss Turk
3:30 pm
Advanced Ansible Tower by Red HatGabriel Muniz, Michelle Perz
AWS and Ansible: Automating an infinitely scalable (and repeatable) architectureTimothy Appnel, Ansible by David Duncan, Amazon Web Services, Ryan Brown
Business Rules in Healthcare: Good advice from the real worldRobert Barker, Joyson Jacob, Anthony Roscoe, Phil Simpson, Mike Holp, Patricia Bogoevici
Dawn of the citizen developer: Low-code application development made easy in JBoss BPM Suite & BRMS 7Mark Proctor, Alexandre Porcelli
Decisions at a fast pace: scaling to multi-million transactions/second at AmadeusGabriel Bechara, Edson Tirelli, Matteo Casalino, Amadeus, Tarek Zaigouche, Amadeus
Deploying Red Hat Fuse in healthcare—notes from the fieldQuinn Stevenson, Bryan Grant
Diversity and community lightning talksJosh Springer, Conrad Hollomon, SparkMeter, Emily Brand, Michael Vorburger
High availability for Red Hat Virtualization ManagerJon Benedict
Monitoring Java application performance using ThermostatOmair Majid
OpenShift for operationsJamie Duncan
OpenStack and Ceph at scaleBen England, Jared King
Operating and introspecting an open cloudOrran Krieger, Boston University, Peter Portante
Proactive security compliance automation with CloudForms, Satellite, OpenSCAP, Insights, and Ansible TowerLucy Kerner, Patrick Rutledge, William Nix, Nate Stephany, Kevin Morey
Reactive programming with Vert.xClement Escoffier
Run .NET and SQL Server natively on Linux with OpenShiftJason Dudash, John Osborne, Harold Wong
SAP HANA 2 - Next Generation Platform for Digital TransformationVenkata Giduthur
Schiphol Airport: Sharing the experience of running a multicloud OpenShift integration CPaaS with API management in productionPim Gaemers, Rubix, Roel Hodzelmans, Mechiel Aalbers, Schiphol Group
Troubleshooting & debugging production microservices in Kubernetes with Google Cloud PlatformRay Tsang, Google
Container infrastructure trends: Optimizing for production workloadsDan Walsh
Hands on with Red Hat OpenStack Platform directorRhys Oxenham, Jacob Liberman
How do you use a Linux distribution like Fedora/Red Hat Enterprise Linux to redefine IoT platforms?Peter Robinson
Perfect Security: A dangerous myth? System security for open sourceMike Bursell
Red Hat JBoss A-MQ and Apache Kafka—which to use?Paolo Patierno, Christian Posta
Red Hat Satellite - BoFDaniel Lobato Garcia
Taste of Red Hat Training: Red Hat Enterprise Linux network and firewall managementArtur Glogowski, Morgan Weetman
4:30 pm
Agile integration in actionChristina WEI MEI LIN, David Codelli
An open discussion around Red Hat's OpenShift.io for software developmentPete Muir
An overview and roadmap of Red Hat Development SuiteDenis Golovin
How to craft a successful API strategyManfred Bortenschlager
Red Hat JBoss EAP management with Red Hat CloudFormsThomas Heute, John Doyle
Red Hat Unified Infrastructure - software defined remote office opsSahina Bose, Thomas Gamull, Sean Murphy, Chad Ferman
Taking OpenStack to the next level with highly available instancesRob Young, John Williams

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Session titlesSpeakers
10:15 am
Women in IT [Birds of a feather]Annagreth Flierl Williams
Migrating from TIBCO to JBoss MiddlewareUshnash Shukla, Balaji Rajam
Hands on with Red Hat Satellite 6.2Ohad Levy, Mike Mccune, Bryan Kearney
Up and running with Red Hat identity managementChris Keller, Chuck Mattern, Jim Wildman
Redefining the enterprise: A Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 labEddie Chen, Mike Watkins, Ben Breard, Rob Wilmoth, Christoph Doerbeck
Red Hat JBoss migration toolkit (formerly know as Windup) for Java migrationsTobias Hartwig, Brad Davis, Robb Greathouse
Secure your enterprise software supply chain with containersKarl Scholz, Scott MCCarty, Derek Weeks
Partners in crime from design to execution with Signavio and JBoss BPM SuiteEric D. Schabell, Steven Lewandowski
Red Hat Training and Certification: Tools and programs to close the cloud skills gapKen Goetz, Randy Russell
Red Hat Mobile Application Platform: Introduction to version 4Javier Perez
Data-driven decision-making: How Red Hat uses data to improve its products and customer experiencesWill Benton, Jeffrey McGowan, Keith Watkins
The current state of enterprise languages, frameworks, and platformsRich Sharples
Integration roadmap: iPaaS, API management, Red Hat Fuse, data virtualization, and moreJack Britton, Keith Babo, Kim Palko
Enabling digital transformation via the Red Hat management portfolioJoe Fitzgerald, Abdi Hersi, William Nix, Chris Wells
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and KVM roadmapRaissa Tona, Scott Herold
Public and hybrid cloud: Breaking down barriersMike Ferris
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 overview and roadmapBilgehan Ozpeynirci, Jason Greene
Ceph and Gluster: A comparative theologySage Weil, Vijay Bellur
Enterprise Ceph: Every way, your wayKyle Bader, Amit Bhutani
DevOps lessons automating the deployment of J.Crew's website with AnsibleOscar Gonzalez
11:30 am
How to know if your DevOps is workingGordon Haff, William Henry
Customers using Red Hat Ceph Storage
Best of both worlds: Next-generation applications on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and enterprise platformsMary Hall, Neil Cattermull, Al Gillen, Jim Wasko
Moving Red Hat Enterprise Linux into a new worldGunnar Hellekson, Mark Coggin
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform NFV solution overview and roadmapNicolas Barcet, Sandro Mazziotta, Kyle Forster
Red Hat security roadmapJosh Bressers
Transforming your enterprise with Red Hat Mobile Application PlatformMicheal O Foghlu, Cathal McGloin
Microservices with OpenShift: Experience from the fieldsSebastien Pasche
Customize your enterprise mobile salesforce.com integrations with Red HatChristina Lin, Maggie Hu
Build your game plan for enterprise Java 2020Rich Sharples, Christina Wong
Managing completely disconnected container environments with OpenShift Enterprise and Satellite 6Taylor Biggs, Yonathan Goitom
Anatomy of a big data application in containersMatthew Farrellee
Exploring best practices and customer successes in the industrial Internet of ThingsDavid Bericat, Stefano Passiglia, Giovanni D'Angelo
Red Hat Satellite and Ansible Tower by Red Hat: Doing more togetherChris Wells, Justin Nemmers
Red Hat container technology strategyClayton Coleman, Daniel Riek
When flexibility met simplicity: The friendship of OpenStack and AnsibleMajor Hayden, Robyn Bergeron
Environment industrialization through open containers and PaaSHarish Krishnan
12:35 pm
oVirt: Uninterrupted and integrated virtualizationSandro Bonazzola
3:30 pm
Managing the complexity of large distributed systems using elastic stack (ELK)Greg Kleiman, Peter Portante
Cloud migration: Building a bimodal infrastructure while migrating workloadsVijay Chebolu, Vikram Narayan
Hands-on deep dive with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack PlatformRhys Oxenham
Architecting high-performance Ceph clustersKyle Bader, Jacob Shucart, Brent Compton, Louis Gordon, Veda Shankar
Practical OpenSCAP: Security, standard compliance, and reportingRobin Price
Apps 101: Building mobile apps and microservices for beginnersBill Novak, Cian Clarke, Chad Holmes
OpenStack instance management using the command-line interface
Red Hat containers roadmapSubendhu Ghosh, Joe Fernandes
Red Hat Cloud roadmapXavier Lecauchois, Nick Barcet, James Labocki
Building exascale active archives with Red Hat Ceph StorageNeil Levine
Software-defined networking (SDN) fundamentals for NFV, OpenStack, and containersRashid Khan, Nir Yechiel
Are you listening to what SELinux is telling you?Markus Bauer, Roland Wolters, Michael Terrey, Dan Walsh, Christoph Hansen
Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmapDenise Dumas, Ron Pacheco
Empowering and mobilizing your workforce for greater efficiencyJavier Perez, Conor O'Neill
Think differently with real-time dataSonpal Parmar, Syed Rasheed, Erica Langhi, Emanuel Chiavegato
Managing multiple OpenShift Enterprise 3 environments using Red Hat Satellite 6Christoph Goern, Dirk Herrmann
Modern management of Red Hat middleware with Red Hat management productsThomas Heute, John Doyle
Process-driven applications: Let BPM do (some of) your workKris Verlaenen
You've got microservices…Let's secure themSteven Pousty
Getting started with DevOpsTodd Barr, Gordon Haff
Fedora in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux world: Why, how, and whyMatthew Miller
Healthcare breakout and networking social: The only way to keep up is with innovationCraig Klein, Fariba Anderson, Daniel Luna
DevOps: An engineer's perspectiveRichard Balsewich
4:45 pm
Containers, not black boxesVincent Batts, Dan Walsh
People of color: networking & conversation [Birds of a feather]John Chapman
Migrating an existing Puppet deployment into Red Hat Satellite 6Chris Milsted, Rich Jerrido, Maxim Burgerhout
Bringing host life cycle and content management into Red Hat Enterprise VirtualizationOved Ourfali
Containerization: Migrating existing applicationsChris Collins, Dan Isla, Scott MCCARTY
Cockpit: System management for the next generation of administratorsStef Walter
Ansible best practices for startups to enterprisesJames Martin, Timothy Appnel
A design model for rule and process-driven solutionsJustin Holmes
Getting started with C# on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift by Red HatJay Schmelzer
Identity management for cloud and hybrid cloud environments with Red Hat and MicrosoftMark Heslin, Mahesh Unnikrishnan
Getting your Java EE apps ready for the cloud with Red Hat JBoss EAP 7 and OpenShift by Red HatMarkus Eisele, Christina Wong
Big data DevOps: Apache Spark streaming on OpenShift Enterprise by Red HatErin Boyd, Matthew Farrellee, Michael McCune
Security-enhanced Linux for mere mortalsThomas Cameron
Lessons learned on the DevOps frontKatrinka McCallum, Jay Ferrandini
Simplify Internet of Things with an intelligent gatewayJames Kirkland, Michele DiSerio
Building the student pipeline to open source communities using HFOSSGreg Hislop, Heidi Ellis
Successful cloud adoption with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWSDavid Duncan, Hook Hua
OpenStack is better with Rackspace and Red HatDan Sheppard

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
10:15 am
Ansible [Birds of a feather]Greg DeKoenigsberg, James Cammarata
Migrating workloads to containersEric Sauer
Hands-on introduction to Red Hat CloudFormsJames Rankin
A complete walk-through of Red Hat Enterprise VirtualizationDennis Deitermann
Monitoring risk in your infrastructure with Red Hat InsightsWilliam Nix, Andrew Hecox
Implementing Puppet Modules
Container securityDaniel Walsh
MySQL, containers, and CephYves Trudeau, Kyle Bader
OpenShift on public and private clouds with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Red HatChristopher Morgan, Al McCulloch, Chuck Svoboda, Rob Klopp
Tuning Red Hat platform for databasesSanjay Rao
From the trenches: Lessons learned from the Red Hat JBoss performance teamStale Pedersen, Andrig Miller
Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite and BRMS primer: Capabilities, vision, and roadmapPrakash Aradhya, Phil Simpson
Electronic Arts (EA) mobile success: Developing at the intersection of mobile, microservices, Node.js, and DevOpsChad Holmes, Elliott Dun, Caleb Mills, Bill Bendrot
Orchestrate JBoss middleware with Ansible Tower by Red HatPatrick Steiner, Marc Zottner, Roeland van de Pol
Practical steps implementing Red Hat identity management solutionDavid Sirrine
Why software-defined storage is critical to your IT strategyRoss Turk
Managing your Camels in the cloud with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)Sameer Parulkar, Christian Posta
Red Hat Ceph Storage: A crash course in CRUSHSage Weil, Yan Fisher
Become an OpenStack TripleO ATC, easy as ABCK. Rain Leander
Telco breakout: Reliability, availability, and serviceability at cloud scaleIan Hood, Cyrille Puget, David Ward
Legacy to cloud: Creating predictive operations to achieve high performanceDenise Glasscock
11:30 am
OpenShift Commons collaborators: OpenShift Origin and upstream project leadsClayton Coleman, Diane Mueller, Josh Berkus, Mike McGrath
Atomic [Birds of a feather]Mike McGrath, Scott Collier, Dan Walsh, Daniel Riek, Dan McPherson, Christoph Goern
Successfully building a private cloud with Red Hat OpenStack PlatformRichard Haigh, Soumen Saha
Innovating healthcare with Red Hat integration technologyCraig Klein, Zohaib Khan, Sudheer Chekka, Byron Killburn
Red Hat Gluster Storage: Strategic direction, roadmap, and integrationsJeff Darcy, Sayan Saha
Overhauling development architecture with Ansible Tower by Red Hat and DockerGabe Brackman, scott van velsor
Red Hat CloudForms 2016 roadmapJohn Hardy, Eric Johnson, Scott Drennan
Automate and optimize logistic plans with BRMS Business Resource PlannerGeoffrey De Smet
Practical satellite deployments: From box to orbit in 60 minutesDavid Caplan, Rich Jerrido
Building Red Hat JBoss EAP microservices on OpenShift Enterprise by Red HatBabak Mozaffari
Red Hat Fuse and the art of enterprise integrationHiram Chirino, Keith Babo, Ramjee Nunna, Bret Lederle
End-to-end OpenSCAP for automated complianceJeff Blank, Shawn Wells, Matthew Micene
What's new in Kubernetes 1.2Kelsey Hightower
CDK 2.0: Docker, Kubernetes, and OSE on your desk!Langdon White
Modernize enterprise data with open source DBMS (featuring MongoDB, Redis, Postgres)Linton Ward
Setting the right strategy for enterprise mobility and Internet of ThingsGregg Ostrowski
12:35 pm
Management, legal, and developers: One big happy open source familyRichard Fontana, Deb Nicholson
3:30 pm
Mobile platform smackdown IVJay Balunas
Reduce complexity and increase optimization with Ansible automationJonathan Davila
OpenShift for operatorsSiamak Sadeghianfar, Erik Jacobs, Bob Kozdemba, Harrison Ripps
Containerizing applications: Existing and newScott Collier, Dusty Mabe, Langdon White
Modernize your Java EE applications with Red Hat JBoss EAP 7Thomas Qvarnstrom
Deploying compute and storage infrastructure on AzureJason Anderson
Red Hat Enterprise Linux diagnostics and troubleshooting
Red Hat Ceph Storage roadmap: Past, present, and futureNeil Levine
Demystifying systemdLennart Poettering, Ben Breard
Going mobile with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite and Red Hat JBoss BRMSKen Spokas, Maggie Hu, Javier Perez, Conor O'Neill
Transitioning from Red Hat Satellite 5 to 6Todd Warner, Rich Jerrido, Will Darton
Middleware security: Authentication, authorization, and auditing servicesVikas Kumar, Derek Walker, Divya Mehra, Boleslaw Dawidowicz
Measuring performance in the cloud: A scientific approach to an elastic problemAndy Bond, Nicholas Wakou
Enterprise continuous integration and continuous delivery with OpenShift by Red HatAndrew Block, Jared Burck
Introducing Red Hat API managementKeith Babo, Eric Wittman
Effective decision management for an agile businessMark Proctor
High-availability clustering in Red Hat Enterprise LinuxThomas Cameron
Wearing many red hats: Multifaceted container managementFederico Simoncelli, Stef Walter
Why companies should have open source strategy officesNithya Ruff
Delivering trusted clouds: How Intel and Red Hat integrated solutions for secure cloud computingSteve Orrin, Steve Forage
Performance and consolidation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Linux mission-critical software (ATX and SRO)Scott Norton
Financial data analytics with Red Hat Gluster Storage and Penguin ComputingKevin Tubbs
4:45 pm
Fedora friendsRemy DeCausemaker
How customers are using Red Hat Gluster Storage in productionDustin Black
Integration is dead. Long live integration. How Apache Camel is changing how integration is done.Sameer Parulkar, Chris Schultz
Automating Azure public and private clouds with Red Hat CloudForms 4Jason Ritenour, Boris Baryshnikov
IoT and big data with Red Hat JBoss Middleware and SAP HANAKim Palko, Aleks Aleksic, Ted Jones
Java EE and NoSQL using JBoss EAP 7 and OpenShift Enterprise by Red HatArun Gupta
Container security reality check: The container is only the beginningLars Herrmann
Ansible accelerates deployment at Société GénéraleJustin Nemmers
DevOps in the enterprise: Organizational change for high-performance ITNigel Kersten, Alanna Brown
Automation and configuration management across hybrid clouds with Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Satellite 6, and Ansible Tower by Red HatMike Dahlgren, John Hoffer, Laurent Domb
Migrating to JBoss and OpenShift: A case study of a large e-commerce applicationNenad Bogojevic
Unifying analytics across data sources with Red Hat JBoss Data VirtualizationIan Firman, Burak Serdar, Naveen Malik
Red Hat on Red Hat: scaling in the enterpriseMike Carraway
Using predictive analytics to manage infrastructure riskAndrew Hecox
The features and futures of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisorKaren Noel, Andrea Arcangeli
Use Linux on your whole rack with RDO and open networkingScott Suehle
Running a policy-based cloud with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure, Red Hat OpenStack, and Project ContivMike Cohen
Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux across clouds with Microsoft Operations Management SuiteSatya Vel, Anurag Gupta

Thursday, June 30, 2016

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
10:15 am
Ceph and Gluster hardware selection and performance panel with reference architecture partnersBrent Compton
A design model for rule and process driven solutionsJustin Holmes
Enhancing customer experience through integration and automation of business events in the cloudSiamak Sadeghianfar, Christina Lin, Eric D. Schabell
Ansible essentials: Deploy apps, manage systems, and securely and powerfully reduce complexityTimothy Appnel, David Federlein, Michelle Perz
Provisioning intelligent gateway for enterprise IoTChris Custine, Ishu Verma
Deploying an Overcloud with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Director
Insiders' insights on the top 5 industry trendsKatrina Novakovic, Mark Coggin, Gregory Kleiman, Bryan Che, James Kirkland, Mark Little
DevOps in action with OpenShiftJoe Fernandes, Nicolas Fanjeau, Baltisar Oswald, Cristian Roldan
Wicked fast containers: Performance tuning for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, OpenShift, and Docker containersJeremy Eder
Peanut butter and jelly: Mapping the deep integration between OpenStack and CephNeil Levine, Sebastien Han, Darren Pulsipher
Automated migration from proprietary integration platforms to Red Hat FuseTobias Hartwig, Ramesh Ranganathan
Extend legacy enterprise systems into mobile appsPeter Reinhardt, Steve Yetter
Extending full stack automation to the physical networkPeter Sprygada
Using Ansible to install containers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic HostGreg DeKoenigsberg
Red Hat CloudForms: Cutting VM creation time by 75% at General MillsMichael Dahlgren, Ashley Nelson
Red Hat Satellite 6 power user tips and tricksThomas Cameron
Red Hat identity and access management vision, solution, and roadmapDavid Sirrine, Jerel Gilmer, Dmitri Pal, Ellen Newlands
From 6 weeks to 6 minutes! How the Dutch Ministry of Education provisions their IT environment in rapid timeJan-Taeke Schuilenga, Roeland van de Pol
Aplo: Gluster in containersLuis Pabon
Financial services breakout: Banks' "Uber moment"Kfir Godrich, Brad Harrison, Jason Valentino
Empowering analytics for the Internet of Things and beyondSteve Sarsfield
11:30 am
Influencing JBoss documentation with your use casesDawn Eisner
OpenShift roadmap: What's new and what's nextMike Barrett, Clayton Coleman, Joe Fernandes
Docker versus Systemd: Can't we just get along?Daniel Walsh
Red Hat Satellite 6 roadmap and demonstrationBryan Kearney, Rich Jerrido, Todd Warner
From dev to ops: blending legacy with modern ITJustin Nemmers
Continuous integration with Red Hat cloud solutionsSim Zacks, Ilia Meerovich, Oded Ramraz
Understanding security risks and mitigation across the virtualization stackScott Herold, Prasad Pandit
A view from the trenches: Moving from legacy monoliths to modern microservices platforms in the cloudKeith Lynch, Jesmond Abela
Real-time data services with Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid and Apache SparkVan Halbert, Divya Mehra, Kimberly Palko
Red Hat Gluster Storage for mere mortalsThomas Cameron
Migration to Red Hat JBoss Middleware—easy, predictable, provenBrad Davis, Tobias Hartwig
Best practices for deploying and scaling Red Hat OpenStack Platform with Open vSwitch and Red Hat Ceph storageJacob Liberman, Yan Fisher
From open source toward open innovation: Fostering corporate innovation with open source communitiesSabine Brunswicker
More than the sum of the parts: Lenovo CloudDaniel Harmon
Zero to dev-ready in minutes: See the power of an integrated, interoperable Red Hat platform at TCS Business Solutions LabsSpandan Mahapatra
Processing data at the edge of the internet with SAP and Red HatSid Sipes
12:35 pm
A new model for system containersColin Walters
3:30 pm
Easily exposing legacy systems to your mobile appsPhilip Hayes, Josh Waldman
From source to RPM in 120 minutesAdam Miller
A practical introduction to container securityDan Walsh, Bob Kozdemba
Learning docker and Kubernetes with OpenShift EnterpriseGrant Shipley
Red Hat Enterprise Linux network and firewall management
Building an ARM ecosystem for the enterprise: Through the thorns to the starsYan Fisher, Jeff Underhill, Larry Wikelius, Jon Masters, Mark Orvek
The intersection of business rules management and big dataDavid Murphy, Anurag Saran, Sal Erhal Sal
Persistent memory support in Red Hat Enterprise LinuxAndy Rudoff, Jeffrey Moyer
Compliance, security automation, and remediation with Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Satellite, and Ansible Tower by Red HatLucy Kerner
A container stack for OpenStackStephen Gordon, Scott McCarty, Sebastien Han
Performance analysis and tuning of Red Hat Enterprise LinuxDouglas Shakshober, Larry Woodman
Deploying ChatOps with Ansible Tower by Red Hat and GitHub EnterpriseDylan Silva, Lee Faus, Justin Nemmers
Self-service IT and delegation with Ansible TowerDave Johnson, Chris Houseknecht
Red Hat Storage managerSean Murphy
Valencia Smart City project powered by Telefonica Global IoT platform and Red Hat IoT and mobile solutionsDavid Bericat, Jose Antonio Polo, Alberto Torres
SOA to microservices: continuous modernization with microservices and containersChristian Posta
OpenStack-as-a-Service: Red Hat and RackspaceJeff Ekstrom, Nicholas Gerasimatos, Jeffrey Clawson, Dan Sheppard
Continuous integration and delivery with CentOSKaranbir Singh
Sneak preview of next generation messaging platform Red Hat JBoss A-MQ 7David Ingham
Redefine your business by building unique applications on SAP HANA with Red HatJordan Cao
4:45 pm
Red Hat Satellite [Birds of a feather]Rich Jerrido
Containers in the real worldMark Coggin, Dan Isla
BPM in financial services: Good advice from the real worldPhil Simpson, Filippo Crea, Deepak Hoshing, Andrew Bonham
OpenShift Commons: New rules for community, contribution, and collaborationDiane Mueller, Diego Castro
Big data processing and analytics in Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 7Will Burns, John Osborne, Divya Mehra
Metric-driven development with Ansible, InfluxDB, and GrafanaTimothy Appnel
MAD for mobile: Achieving mobile zen through agile, DevOps, and microservicesJohn Frizelle, Cian Clarke
Elastic scale for messaging using Red Hat JBoss A-MQ 7David Ingham, Ted Ross
IoT: Connect your analog business to a digital worldBryan Che, James Kirkland
Modernizing your enterprise application architectureJohn Clingan, Bruno Georges
OpenShift advanced management with Red Hat CloudFormsFederico Simoncelli, Itamar Heim
Hyperconverged solutions with Red Hat StorageNeil Levine, Sean Murphy
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for practitionersTerry Bowling, Thomas Cameron
Security and compliance: From existing infrastructure to cloudKeith Basil, Rodrigo Diaz Diaz, Glenn Eaton, Jerel Gilmer

Wednesday, June 23, 2015

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Session titles Speakers Slides
Hands on with Red Hat CloudForms Brad Ascar, John Hardy
Raising the bar with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 lab Ben Breard, Eddie Chen, Christoph Doerbeck, Rick Ring, Mike Watkins, Rob Wilmoth
Racing Camel with BPM and Red Hat Fuse Christina Lin, Eric D. Schabell
Harnessing big data with Hortonworks Data Platform & Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization Kimberly Palko, Doug Reid, Cojan van Ballegooijen
Use OpenShift & PaaS to accelerate DevOps & continuous delivery Arun Gupta, Andrea Morena
What’s new with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network John Doyle, Stefan Negrea
Process-driven application development using Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Prakash Aradhya, Alexandre Porcelli
Strategy & vision for Red Hat management solutions Joe Fitzgerald
Deploy an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) private cloud John Matthews, Jesus Rodriguez, Todd Sanders
Development architecture for application-centric microservices deployment in the Intercloud Ken Owens
Red Hat Ceph Storage and network solutions for software-defined infrastructure (SDI) Tony Dempsey, John Fitzpatrick, Frank Ober
Developing Red Hat Enterprise Linux for 64-bit ARM: Platform standardization for customer success Yan Fisher, Jon Masters
Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Open, hyperconverged infrastructure Paul Cuzner, Sean Murphy
Overview & roadmap of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Scott Herold
Super privileged containers Daniel Walsh
Enterprise security with Keycloak: From the intranet to mobile Divya Mehra, Stian Thorgersen
Implement dead letter channel error management with Apache Camel Will Dinyes, Ricardo Taniguchi
OpenShift in production: Customer panel Mike Barrett, Lans Carstensen, Kevin Murphy, Rob White, Shawn Zamechek
Solving integration problems with Fuse Peter Blinstrubas, Scott England-Sullivan
Using Apache Spark for analytics in the cloud William Benton
OpenStack nirvana: Big data & elastic infrastructure together at last Keith Basil
The emerging IT: Frictionless, hybrid, programmable Alessandro Perilli
Application & infrastructure continuous delivery using OpenShift and OpenStack Keith Lynch, Jim Minter
Out with the old: How Red Hat CloudForms improves management & orchestration while using legacy automation systems Mert Cubukcuoglu, Nick Lane, Earl Waud
SAP and Red Hat: Driving systems of innovation Karl-Heinz Hoffmann
Integrating microservices with Apache Camel & Fabric8 Christian Posta
Using Red Hat systems management tools in a hybrid cloud Matthew Mariani
OpenShift 3 & the next generation of PaaS Ashesh Badani, Clayton Coleman, Joe Fernandes, Matt Hicks
IKEA vs. Shellshock: 1-0 Magnus Glantz, Mattias Haern
Applying practical manufacturing skills to DevOps Gordon Haff, William Henry
Red Hat high availability clustering with Pacemaker Steven Bonneville, Rudolf Kastl
Developing the right solution for the right application: Supporting Volvo's journey to the cloud David Sundqvist, Odd Waller
OpenShift for operators Scott Collier, Christoph Görn, Erik Jacobs, Harrison Ripps
Successful migrations lab: Java EE Lincoln Baxter III, Brad Davis, Sande Gilda, Robert Greathouse, Tobias Hartwig, Peter Muir
Hands-on complex event processing with JBoss BRMS Jeremy Davis
Scale or fail: How PaaS helps scale your applications on demand Steven Pousty
Red Hat Storage for mere mortals Thomas Cameron
Red Hat's container strategy Lars Herrmann
Building a high-performing decision engine at Deloitte Digital Andrew McKee
OpenStack with Cisco & Red Hat Duane DeCapite, Karthik Prabhakar
Are you future-ready? Take advantage of open cloud Brent Doncaster
Open by design: How ISVs are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 on Power Systems
Driving Innovation in OpenStack for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Stephen Gordon, Sandro Mazziotta
Introduction to Red Hat Mobile Application Platform Cathal McGloin, Javier Perez
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 roadmap & new features Dimitris Andreadis, Bilge Ozpeynirci
SecurePaaS with OpenShift on Red Hat JBoss Middleware Tony Stafford, Derrick Sutherland
Applied DevOps: Tools & techniques to change your enterprise Michael McGrath
Managing software & errata deployment with Red Hat Satellite 6 Chen Chang, Scott McBrien
Real-world perspectives: Managing infrastructures with Red Hat Satellite Will Darton, Eric Pronko, Ross Stout, Joshua Toffler, Todd Warner
Integration with Red Hat Fuse and Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization Bill Kemp, Kenneth Peeples, Cojan van Ballegooijen
Red Hat's xPaaS Mark Little, Diogenes Rettori
Intel & Red Hat: Enhancing OpenStack for enterprise deployment Sean Cohen, Krishnan Raghuram
Performance tuning Red Hat Enterprise Linux Platform for databases Sanjay Rao
FICO Analytic Cloud: How we transitioned to SaaS from a legacy IBM/VMware application Christopher Ferraro, Nicholas Gerasimatos, Andy Quang
OpenStack infrastructure management with Red Hat CloudForms Keith Basil, John Hardy
The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC): Lessons learned & best practices Brent Holden, Jan Mark Holzer, Orran Krieger
Red Hat Gluster Storage as a hybrid storage solution for Splunk Enterprise Akil Crawford, Sandeep Khaneja
Ceph block devices: A deep dive Joshua Durgin
Transitioning from Red Hat Satellite 5 to Red Hat Satellite 6 Richard Jerrido, Clifford Perry
Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap Denise Dumas
Integrating the RHCI suite with identity management Christopher Keller, Nathan Kinder, Matthew Smith
Bootstrapping a DevOps movement in Red Hat IT Timothy Bielawa, Ryan Cook, Jennifer Krieger, Steve Milner, Chris Murphy
Managing containers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host George Hacker
Customer Perspective: ThyssenKrupp and Red Hat Mobile John Rinaldi

Thursday, June 24, 2015

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
Enlighten your data Satish Kale
Accelerate DevOps with OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Trevor Quinn
Red Hat Gluster Storage performance Benjamin England, Manoj Pillai
Red Hat Training and Certification update Ken Goetz, Pete Hnath, Randolph Russell
The speed of business: Performance techniques for Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Brad Davis, Salem Elrahal
Build your modern, portable PaaS platforms with containers & Kubernetes Craig McLuckie
Datacenter networking automation with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Madhu Kashyap
Getting the most out of your NVMe SSD Charles Rose
Running an application-centric cloud with Cisco ACI and Red Hat Mike Cohen
Get unstuck with JBoss: An evolutionary approach John Liptak
Container management at Red Hat John Hardy, Itamar Heim
Security compliance made easy(er): entering the SCAP renaissance Jeffrey Blank, Joshua Koontz, Sarah Storms, Joe Swartz, Shawn Wells
Performance tuning for Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Vijay Chintalapati, Divya Mehra, John Osborne
Using the REST API to manage Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Robert Locke
Global trading platform architecture for a Wall Street investment bank Joshua West
A DevOps state of mind Chris Van Tuin
Simplify middleware migrations with Windup Lincoln Baxter III, Brad Davis
Atomic architectures & containerized, application-centric IT Michael McGrath, Jack Rieden, Daniel Riek
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor: KVM now & in the future Karen Noel
A guide to modern BPM integration Eric D. Schabell
Neutron networking with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Nir Yechiel
Immutable infrastructure, containers, & the future of microservices Adam Miller
Amadeus uses next-generation containerized application platform with OpenShift Gabriel Bechara, Yassine Fadli, Eric Mountain, Arnaud Simon
Standard, scalable, mission-critical x86 Linux Leo Demers
Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Satellite 6, & Puppet for automating JBoss EAP 6 Joseph Bennett, Ian Tewksbury
Past, present, & future of Red Hat Ceph Storage Neil Levine
ShellShock, HeartBleed—What’s the next headache for compliance? Brad Ascar, Richard Jerrido
The joy of testing with Red Hat JBoss Middleware Justin Goldsmith, Justin Holmes
CloudForms Automate and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Razique Mahroua
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host special interest group panel Lans Carstensen, Mark Coggin, Chris Collins, Bob Mader, John Wiebalk, Jacob Yundt
SAP integration with Red Hat Fuse William Collins
A guide for OpenShift 3 developers Steven Pousty, Grant Shipley
Liferay modernizes the enterprise portal platform James Falkner
Operating and managing an Atomic container-based infrastructure Scott Collier, Lars Kellogg-Stedman, Brett Thurber
Demystifying systemd Ben Breard, Lennart Poettering
Migrating legacy datacenter virtual environments to a Red Hat open source cloud platform Denise Glasscock, Michael Malke
Continuous integration & continuous delivery via containers Michael Heldebrant, Greg Hoelzer
Big data on the open private cloud Tim Gasper
The Internet of Things: Solutions to drive business transformation Andrew Aitken, Andrea Ceiner, Vaughn Eisler, Karen Farmer, Chris Gray, Daniel Lahl
Red Hat CloudForms roadmap John Hardy
Discover the effects of Linux on System z via IBM's Open Source Ecosystem Content & Partnerships Dale Hoffman
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform: Life cycle, roadmap, & partner ecosystem Stephen Gordon, Bill Mason
Red Hat security in a post-Shellshock world Joshua Bressers
Docker recipes for Java developers Arun Gupta
Introduction to Ceph Forrest Taylor
Splunk on Red Hat Gluster Storage for the win Jacob Shucart, David Yaffe
Red Hat Gluster Storage advanced features Guilherme Barros, Dustin Black
Security compliance made easy with OpenSCAP Robin Price II, Shawn Wells
Mobile application platforms: A hands-on introduction Cian Clarke, Chad Holmes
Red Hat Gluster Storage: Direction, roadmap, & use cases Jeff Darcy, Sayandeb Saha
Gridiron + Openshift: Mastering people, process, culture, and technology with Mission Focus Chris Hample, Tom McGonagle
Red Hat Mobile Application Platform architecture & integration with OpenShift Mícheál Ó Foghlú
OpenStack engineering roadmap Hugh Brock, Tim Burke, Perry Myers
UPS automates manual processes with Red Hat Fuse Jeff Neal
Cloud architecture & performance workloads: Why, how, & when? Jeremy Eder, Matthew Smith
Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure roadmap Gerardus Jansen
The infrastructure foundation for a successful big data deployment Rick Speyer
Ceph & OpenStack in the Bloomberg Clustered Private Cloud Mark Chamberlain, Chris Engel, Justin Erenkrantz
10 steps to build a standard operating environment (SOE) Dirk Herrmann, Benjamin Kruell
Business process automation roadmap: Tackle application backlogs with BPM Prakash Aradhya, Mark Proctor, Phil Simpson
Container security: Do containers actually contain? Should you care? Daniel Walsh
Enterprise containers 101 Langdon White
Architecting the global enterprise: Design, direction, & delivery across continents Jeremy Davis, Arnold Hahamyan
Introducing Red Hat Fuse 6.2 Keith Babo, Hiram Chirino
Introducing the Red Hat Developer Program Harry Mower, Ray Ploski, Andrew Rubinger
SAP and Red Hat: Big data, big opportunity Daniel Lahl
Security-enhanced Linux for mere mortals Thomas Cameron
Transforming government IT: Stories & lessons from the U.S. public sector Ted Brunell, Jeremy Gerdes, John Keese, Justin Marston, Massimo Perreca
Application portability & interoperability with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Scott Dodson, Brett Thurber
Performance of OpenStack Cinder on Ceph Benjamin England, Mark Nelson
Dell and Red Hat’s OpenStack journey to enterprise Arkady Kanevsky, Randy Perryman, Steven Reichard
Enabling the data-driven enterprise: The right platform for your open source workloads Matthew Curley
Puppet Enterprise & Red Hat Satellite 6 Carl Caum, Richard Jerrido, Christopher Wells, Tim Zonca
Red Hat's container roadmap Michael McGrath, Ron Pacheco
Security compliance automation with Red Hat Satellite Matthew Micene
OpenShift: Understand regions & zones Grant Shipley
Managing software & errata deployment with Red Hat Satellite 6 Chen Chang, Scott McBrien
Building OpenShift & OpenStack platforms with Red Hat Pilar Bravo, David Manchado, Alfredo Moralejo Alonso, Cristian Roldan

Friday, June 25, 2015

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
Containerizing applications, existing and new Scott Collier, Dusty Mabe, Aaron Weitekamp, Langdon White
OpenShift for Developers Steven Pousty, Grant Shipley
Migrate from Red Hat Satellite 5 to Red Hat Satellite 6 Richard Jerrido, Tomas Lestach, Clifford Perry
Demystifying the IoT: Real-time purchase monetization with Red Hat JBoss Middleware Eric Getchell, Zohaib Khan
Build an enterprise application in 60 minutes with JBoss Middleware Kenneth Peeples, Javier Perez, Phil Simpson
Containers versus virtualization Jeremy Eder, Scott Herold
Red Hat Satellite 6: Power user tips & tricks Thomas Cameron
Make a data-driven investment decision about big data Scott McClellan, Irshad Raihan
Cisco delivers a highly available platform using OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat Srinivas Kotaru, Michael White
The web-scale Platform-as-a-Service Veer Muchandi
Deploy SAP HANA on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS Sabareesan Radhakrishnan
An open SDN approach to enhance & solve networking for datacenter virtualization Robert McBride
Erasure code in Ceph Loic Dachary
iPaaS & beyond: Red Hat's integration roadmap Jack Britton, Sameer Parulkar
Store & access your data securely with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Divya Mehra, Tristan Tarrant
Accelerate your BPMS web application development Andy Yuen
Red Hat high availability clustering with Pacemaker Steven Bonneville, Rudolf Kastl
OpenStack's success in the financial services industry Nicholas Gerasimatos, Jeff Jameson, David Manchado, José María San José Juarez
Accelerating the value of an SAP HANA investment with hybrid cloud Vince Lubsey
How DevOps and microservices impact your application architecture and development Arun Gupta, Christina Wong
Migrating to Red Hat JBoss Middleware Tobias Hartwig, Marc Zottner
Performance tuning Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Andrig Miller
Get the most value out of your Red Hat subscription Kyle Benson, Keith Robertson
Cloud automation: Migrating 1000+ servers from vCloud to OpenStack Lan Chen, Bill Helgeson, James Mighion
Highly available OpenStack deployments with NetApp & Red Hat's OpenStack platform Jeff Applewhite
High-performance OpenStack for science and data analytics Steven Carter
Containers & config management (Docker & Puppet) James Shubin
Agile & DevOps: The secret ingredients of faster production deployment Patricia Bogoevici, Josh Minthorne
Identity management: The authentic & authoritative guide for the modern enterprise Ellen Newlands, Dmitri Pal
Open source in financial services: Meet the challenges of new business models and disruption Vamsi Chemitiganti, Andrew Oliver, Ian Pointer, Joshua West
Open source & network functions virtualization Dave Neary
Managing containers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host George Hacker
IoT in the real world James Kirkland, Stephen OGrady, Senthuran Sivananthan, Henry Szeto
Integrating Ceph and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Openstack Platform Jean-Charles Lopez, Diaa Radwan
Hands on with Satellite 6.1 Brad Buckingham, Bryan Kearney, Ohad Levy
Performing live backups on Red Hat Gluster Storage Wesley Duffee-Braun, Jesse Jaggars, Warren Mitchell

Tuesday, April 14, 2014

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
Cloudbursting with OpenShift Enterprise 2Grant Shipley
Union Bank builds next-generation solution with Red Hat Cloud InfrastructureFrank Venditti
MEAP, schMEAP. Who’s got you covered in mobile?Jay Balunas, Steve O'Keefe, Burr Sutter
Red Hat subscription tools: Faster issue resolution & continuous uptimeKeith Robertson, Linda Wang
Administer production servers effectively with OpenLMIRussell Doty, Stephen Gallagher
Cloud technical roadmapTim Burke
Accelerate, integrate, & automate your businessPierre Fricke, Ken Johnson
Scholastic moves to the cloud with Red HatSantosh Satyan, Daryn McCool, Jerome Boutaud
Cisco Prime Service Catalog & OpenShiftGrant Emeny-Smith
The future of middleware: Java, enterprise engineering, and FuseMark Little, Rob Davies, Tim Fox, Jason Greene, Pete Muir
Working with PAMScott McBrien
Hello, world! with SwitchYardWill Dinyes
The new community dynamic for open source: CentOS & Red HatCarl Trieloff, Karanbir Singh
Open, software-defined storage: The new priority for modern datacentersScott Clinton
Building open clouds with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, OpenStack, & IBMAdam Jollans, Michael Day, Jeff Jameson
OpenShift roadmap & the evolution of PaaSMatt Hicks, Ashesh Badani, Joe Fernandes
Red Hat JBoss Middleware integration products roadmapKen Johnson
Mobile push in the enterpriseMatthias Wessendorf
Exploring big data & analytics for innovative business resultsLinton Ward
Next-generation high availability Linux clusteringThomas Cameron
Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap: Part IDenise Dumas, Red Hat Enterprise Linux management team
What cloud trends mean for you: An analyst's viewMichael Coté
Red Hat Storage Server for AWSCraig Carl, Tushar Katarki, Veda Shankar
Empowering enterprise ITJonathan Donaldson
Get going faster with on-demand private PaaSNiel Eyde, Rodrigo Flores
Begin programming your Red Hat Satellite ServerGeorge Hacker
Monitoring enterprise governance with OverlordRicardo Jun
OpenStack solutions from Dell & Red Hat: Now availableJoseph George, William Mason
Snapshots in Red Hat Storage Server: Overview & quickstartAnand Subramanian, Rajesh Joseph
Innovation of the people, by the people, for the peopleTed Brunell, John Keese, Kent Rockwell, Munjeet Singh, Clay Wells
Get productive using the JBoss WayRay Ploski
The what, why, & how of Red Hat Fuse Service WorksAlan Santos, Keith Babo, Kevin Conner
Customer applications of Hadoop on Red Hat Storage ServerJacob Shucart, Erin Boyd, Diane Feddema
Red Hat Satellite roadmap & demoDavid Caplan
The new world of NFSSteve Dickson
Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap: Part IIDenise Dumas, Red Hat Enterprise Linux management team
Best practices for PaaS, OpenStack, & cloud adoptionDavid S. Linthicum, Gordon Haff
PaaS anywhere: Deploy OpenShift Enterprise in your environment of choiceIsaac Christoffersen
Software-defined networking (SDN), OpenFlow, & OpenStackVivek Dasgupta
Red Hat JBoss Middleware acceleration products roadmapRich Sharples
Apply tuning profiles with tunedWander Boessenkool
Authoring rules with Red Hat JBoss BRMSEaswara Periyathamby
Delivering intelligent systems with Red Hat: Best practices for partnersAddam Krucek, Terry Bowling, Ryan Hennessy
Red Hat Storage Server: Roadmap & integration with OpenStackSayandeb Saha, Vijay Bellur
Build a foundation for your private cloudRaïssa Tona, Venkatesh Jakka, Bernard Lee, Nirmal Mehta, Melvin Soh
Building & deploying with Red Hat JBoss BRMS 6Mark Proctor
UNIX-to-Linux modernization strategies: Eliminate major migration roadblocksStuart Kirk
Watson Developers Cloud: Build a new generation of appsSwaminathan Chandrasekaran, Filipe Miranda
What’s new with Red Hat JBoss Operations NetworkHeiko Rupp, Alan Santos, Thomas Segismont
Interoperability update: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta & Microsoft WindowsMark Heslin, Dmitri Pal
Moving from Red Hat Satellite 5 to 6: A practical guideThomas Cameron, Todd Warner
Quantifying the financial benefits of PaaS: Build your business caseHicham Tout, Dan Juengst
Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack PlatformRhys Oxenham
Red Hat CloudForms: Automation with external systemsDavid Simmons, Kevin Morey
Hybrid mobile development with Red Hat JBoss Developer StudioGorkem Ercan, Burr Sutter
Deploying applications on OpenShift EnterpriseWander Boessenkool
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6: Servers in the domainWill Dinyes
The Red Hat ecosystem of certified solutions: Applications, OpenStack, & beyondMike Werner
Software collections: Keeping pace without sacrificing platform stabilityAdam Miller
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 high-touch beta user perspectivesRon Pacheco, Vadim Ratinov, Seth Shevach, Jason Spears, Nathan Thaler, Micheal Waltz
Tools worth sharing: Take back your IDE with ForgeLincoln Baxter III
Replication between datacenters with Red Hat JBoss Data GridTristan Tarrant, Divya Mehra
Real-world perspectives: Innovation Award finalistsDavid Egts, Emilio Patricio, Greg Scott, Professor Soh Yeng Chai
NFV through Intel's Open Network Platform for serversFrank Schapfel
Security in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 betaDaniel Walsh
Application-centric packaging with Docker & Linux containersDaniel Riek, Lars Herrmann
Intelligent business management in the cloudVamsi Chemitiganti, James Labocki
How to use Red Hat solutions in a public cloudGordon Haff, Jane Circle
Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure architecture designDan Radez, Brad Ascar
Deeper understanding of software collectionsRyan Hennessy
Installing & using the Keystone Identity ServiceForrest Taylor
Deploying OpenStack with Cisco networking, compute, & storageSrinivas Kotamraju, Duane DeCapite
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization disaster recoveryJohn Herr, Aaron Weitekamp
OpenShift Enterprise in the wild: Stories from customersDan Juengst, Lans Carstensen, John Liptak, Kevin Meredith, John Wiebalk
Help Red Hat redefine the application platform againBilgehan Ozpeynirci, John Doyle, Jason Greene, Rich Sharples
Mobile & Rich Client smack-downJay Balunas
Meet Red Hat JBoss Operations NetworkHeiko Rupp, Alan Santos, Thomas Segismont
Red Hat Software CollectionsMike Guerette
Next-generation JavaPete Muir
WildFly 8 new featuresMaxime Greau, John Doyle
Best practices for system & application monitoringJordan Sissel, Will Cohen, Mike McGrath, Langdon White
Google App Engine, CapeDwarf, TCKBrad Abrams, Terry Okamoto, Ales Justin
Tools for JBoss migrationsRobb Greathouse
ARM labScott Stark

Wednesday, April 15, 2014

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
Introduction to OpenShift for application developersSteve Citron-Pousty, Grant Shipley
Governance capabilities in Red Hat Fuse Service Works 6Kurt Stam, Eric Wittmann
Hyperscale computing with Red Hat Enterprise LinuxJon Masters
Meeting the challenge with PaaS: OpenShift in the enterpriseTom Benninger, Anderson Silva, Andrew Butcher
Linux containers in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 betaBhavna Sarathy, Bob Kozdemba, Linda Wang
Performance analysis & tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part ILarry Woodman, Douglas (Shak) Shakshober, Jeremy Eder
Cloud security: Frameworks & enforcementKurt Seifried
Red Hat Storage Server on IBM: A proven platformBill Bauman
Tuning Red Hat Storage Server & Apache for AWSJohn Byrne, Craig Carl, John Hoffer, Michael Pagan
Managing access control with Red Hat JBoss EAP 6.2John Doyle, Brian Stansberry
Using Cinder block storageRudolf Kastl
Authoring rules with Red Hat JBoss BRMS (replay)Easwara Periyathamby
Using Red Hat Storage Server with HP ultrascale solutions for big dataMichael St. Jean, Veda Shankar
Building scalable cloud infrastructure using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack PlatformWill Foster, Kambiz Aghaiepour, Dan Radez
Real-world perspectives: Managing infrastructures with Red Hat SatelliteTodd Warner, Remmele J. Hinton, Felipe Pereira, Greg Procunier, Joshua Toffler
Portable, lightweight, & interoperable Docker containers across Red Hat solutionsJérôme Petazzoni, Alexander Larsson
The Red Hat Cloud guide to all things xPaaSEric D. Schabell
GlusterFS: Current state & roadmapVijay Bellur, John Mark Walker
Applied SCAP: Automating security compliance & remediationJeffrey Blank, Shawn Wells
New networking features & tools for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 betaEric Dube, Rashid Khan
Performance analysis & tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part IIDouglas (Shak) Shakshober, Larry Woodman, Jeremy Eder
The next wave in BPM from Red HatPhil Simpson, Prakash Aradhya
Red Hat CloudForms for cloud management: Key features & roadmapDamon Tepe, John Hardy
Deterministic capacity planning for OpenStack as elastic cloud infrastructureKeith Basil, Sean Cohen, Tushar Katarki
Scale or fail: How OpenShift scales your applicationSteve Citron-Pousty
Working with PAM (replay)Scott McBrien
Hello, world! with SwitchYard (replay)Will Dinyes
Got downtime? Building QoS into the cloudKershaw Mehta
HP Moonshot with Red Hat Enterprise Linux saves space & energy for HP.comVolker Otto
Deploying an OpenStack private cloud with Red HatJeff Jameson, Jakub Chrzeszczyk, Fernando Oliveira, Matt Walburn, James Weatherell
Deep dive into jBPM6Kris Verlaenen
Integration in the real world with Red Hat FuseScott Cranton
Innovation in the enterprise with OpenStackNicolas Keller
Maximizing RAS with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 betaChristoph Doerbeck, Karl Abbott, Linda Wang
Demystifying systemd: A practical guideBen Breard, Lennart Poettering
Performance tuning: Red Hat Enterprise Linux for databasesSanjay Rao
Building enterprise clouds: Resetting expectations to get them rightAlessandro Perilli
Running & monitoring OpenShift EnterpriseAnderson Dang, Mike McGrath, Dan Trainor
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform high availabilityArthur Berezin
Red Hat JBoss EAP at Barclays: An enterprise-scale adoptionSimon Cashmore, Gonzalo Silva Cruz, Matt Depue
Working with FirewallDRob Locke
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6: Servers in the domain (replay)Will Dinyes
Configuring a disaster-resilient Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environmentShubh Ram, Shrikant Ghare
Red Hat Storage Server replication: Past, present, & futureJeff Darcy, Venky Shankar
Big data today & tomorrowRichard Brueckner, Paul Cross, Andrea Fabrizi, Bob Page
Red Hat JBoss Middleware: Foundation for agility & innovationGary Lamperillo, Bruno Meseguer, Gurvinder Singh, Cherian Thomas
Migrating a Tier-1 order management process to Red Hat JBoss MiddlewareJaroslav Blazek, Radan Base
Hyperscale computing: Challenges, opportunities, & emerging trendsJon Masters, Leendert Van Doorn, Bradley McCredie, Craig McLuckie, Jeff Underhill
Red Hat JBoss Middleware in the trenchesAndrew Block, Tim Bielawa
Automatic NUMA balancing for bare-metal workloads & KVM virtualizationVinod Chegu, Rik van Riel
SELinux for mere mortalsThomas Cameron
Support best practices: Optimizing your support experienceGuilherme Barros
Flex workloads across private, public, & hybrid clouds with Red Hat CloudFormsJohn Hardy, Ronak Mallik
Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure vs VMware vCloud SuiteJonathan Gershater, Wes Day
Eliminate dependencies on proprietary software: A proven approachMarc Linster, Brian Rose, George Drapeau, Ian Pilcher
Administration in the world of systemdScott McBrien
Monitoring enterprise governance with Overlord (replay)Ricardo Jun
Deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform in the enterprise with FlexPodJon Benedict, Steven Carter, Colin Devine
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: Overview & roadmapScott Herold
Turn storage from a burden into an asset with Red Hat Storage ServerAshish Nadkarni, Pankaj Gautam, James Hickerson, Zdenek Sedlak, David Yaffe
Developer toolset: Build, run, & analyze apps on multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux versionsMatt Newsome
Integrate your BPMS processes with Red Hat Fuse Service WorksBabak Mozaffari
Architecting for the next generation of big data with Hadoop 2.0Rohit Bakhshi, Yan Fisher
Red Hat Storage Server administration deep diveDustin Black
Migrating existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations to new major versionsDavid Cantrell, Paul Frields
Get the most out of Red Hat JBoss EAP & the JVMStåle Pedersen, Andrig Miller
PaaS lessons: Cisco IT deploys OpenShift to meet developer demandSandeep Puri, Mike White, Mike Barrett
KVM update & the road aheadMichael Day
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization deep diveScott Herold
Migrating traditional Java EE applications to mobileSerge Pagop, Burr Sutter
Working with FirewallD (replay)Rob Locke
Deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform on HP ConvergedSystem 700xKent Lipschultz
Understanding your subscription inventory using Subscription Asset ManagerChristopher Duryee, Rich Jerrido, Bryan Kearney
Real-world perspectives: Red Hat technology in U.S. healthcareDon Frederick, Rob Barker, Brijesh Kalidindi, Seong K. Mun

Thursday, April 16, 2014

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
High-availablity CEP with Red Hat JBoss BRMSDuncan Doyle
Red Hat JBoss Middleware connectivity options for SAPTed Jones, William Collins, Kenneth Peeples
Using SOA platforms to modernize legacy applications for the cloudMarc Chance
Automating Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments with Cisco ACI & OpenStackSrinivas Kotamraju
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta file systems: New scale, speed, & featuresRic Wheeler, Steve Dickson
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor roadmapBhavna Sarathy
Red Hat & Intel solutions for intelligent systems in transportationMark Pallone, Zach Smith, James Kirkland
Pedal to the metal: Red Hat CloudForms for workload & infrastructure managementAlex Barreto, Bill Helgeson
Deep dive: OpenStack ComputeStephen Gordon
Java application migration with Arquillian & WindupMartin Liebrich, Bartosz Majsak
Using Cinder block storage (replay)Rudolf Kastl
Simplified IT & real-time business management with SAPKarl-Heinz Hoffmann
Manage your HP ProLiant & Bladesystem environment with Red Hat Enterprise VirtualizationJay Hendrickson
Red Hat & OpenStack: The partner ecosystem advantageMike Werner, David L. Brown, Gordon Haff, Chris Marino, Michael Tso
Red Hat Fuse Service Works: Integration recipes, best practices, & cheat codesKeith Babo
Big data insights with Red Hat JBoss Data VirtualizationKenneth Peeples, Kim Palko, Syed Rasheed
Hibernate OGM: Talking to NoSQL in Red Hat JBoss EAPGunnar Morling, Sanne Grinovero
Red Hat Storage Server performanceBen England
The next-generation firewall for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 betaThomas Graf
Oracle Database 12c on Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Best practicesRoger Lopez, Sanjay Rao
Migrating JRules to Red Hat JBoss BRMSKeita Yamaguchi, Vishal Ghariwala, Masahiko Umeno
Speeding up infrastructure provisioning with Red Hat CloudFormsJason Dillaman, Nick Lane
Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure networking deep diveNir Yechiel
Maximizing performance with Red Hat JBoss Data GridFilippo Crea, Andrea Sormanni, Edoardo Schepis
Installing & using the Keystone Identity Service (replay)Forrest Taylor
Red Hat Certification update, changes, & roadmapRandy Russell
Symantec Storage Foundation High Availability in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack PlatformAbhijit Dey
Follow the yellow brick road to emerging technologiesBruno Meseguer, Markus Van Laak, Nabeel Saad
Real-world perspectives panel: Red Hat JBoss Enterprise MiddlewareBrian Ashburn, Erik H. Berger, Teresa Bobadilla, John Galvin, Markus Merder

Wednesday, June 10, 2013

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
Real World Perspectives: Open Source EnablementGuy Martin, Andrew Aitken, Chris Aniszczyk, Kamesh Raghavendra, Marcelo Tourne
Testing Persistence with ArquillianJim Rigsbee
OpenShift PaaS Overview & RoadmapMatt Hicks, Juan Noceda
Tackling Compliance with Red HatSteve Grubb, Jack Rieden
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, KVM, & OpenStack: A Use Cases PanelJean Staten Healy, Michael Day, Jeff Jameson, Robin Porter, Mark Wiggins
Introduction to Red Hat OpenStackChuck Dubuque, Gerry Riveros
Open, Software-defined Storage in the Modern Hybrid DatacenterScott Clinton
Hibernate & Data Access: State of the UnionEmmanuel Bernard
The JBoss WayPete Muir, Ray Ploski
Red Hat CloudForms Roadmap: Build & Manage an Open Hybrid Cloud InfrastructureXavier Lecauchois, John Hardy
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with HP Converged Infrastructure & Insight ControlMichael St-Jean, Chris Frantz, Jay Hendrickson, Jonathan Ward
Mainframe & Database Legacy ModernizationEmily Brand
Red Hat IT Relies on Red Hat Solutions: Drinking Our Own ChampagneRajeev Jaswal, Tom Benninger, Lee Congdon, Bret McMillan, Bill Montgomery, Mason Sanders
Intel Innovations for OpenStack & the Open DatacenterGirish Gopal
Clustering for Rollouts with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6Will Dinyes
Big Data for All CustomersJeff Scheel
Controlling Clouds Beyond SafetyGordon Haff
Using Red Hat Satellite Today & Into the FutureDavid Caplan, Alice Cockrum, Ohad Levy, Mike McCune
Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Foundation for an Open Hybrid CloudMark Coggin
Deploying Enterprise-wide BPM on Wall StreetVamsi Chemitiganti, Derrick Kittler
Create Engaging User Experiences with Red Hat JBoss PortalThomas Heute, Divya Mehra
Hitchhiker's Guide to the JBoss Galaxy (2013 Edition)Burr Sutter
Red Hat Storage Server: Use Cases & RoadmapSayan Saha, Rich Fortier
Loosely Coupled, Reusable, & Interoperable: Integration Overview & RoadmapAlan Santos, Keith Babo, Jack Britton
Real-world Perspectives: Integration & AutomationJason Milliron, Duc Doan, John Liptak, Wei Sun
Get the Most Value Out of Your Red Hat SubscriptionLance Phillips
Riding the CamelRich Bonneau
Creating Enterprise Mobile Applications with Red HatDeepali Khushraj, Jay Balunas, Burr Sutter
Choose Your Own Path to the Cloud with Red HatGordon Haff, Greg Kleiman, James Labocki
Managing Red Hat JBoss MiddlewareCharles Crouch, Alan Santos
Introduction & Overview of OpenStack for IaaS CloudsKeith Basil
Open Hybrid Cloud is the New ITBryan Che
JavaEE.next: 7, 8, & BeyondMark Little
Intel Distribution for Apache HadoopVin Sharma
Migrating from Oracle WebLogic to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform at NTT GroupUrano Masato, Yoshikazu Yamada
Red Hat JBoss Data Services Platform: Overview & RoadmapKen Johnson
Real-world Perspectives: Solving Storage Challenges with Red Hat Storage ServerAshish Nadkarni, Mohit Anchlia, Wayde Nie, Ana-Paula Ribeiro, David Yaffe
Community Catalysts: The Value of Open Source Community DevelopmentDave Neary
Building Applications with CDIRicardo Jun, Jim Rigsbee
Linux Containers Overview & RoadmapBhavna Sarathy, Daniel Walsh
A New Approach to Data TransformationJohn Scott
Red Hat Satellite Power User Tips & Tricks: System DeploymentThomas Cameron
Adobe Systems Offers Customers Cloud-based Solutions through Red Hat Enterprise Linux & AWSMitch Nelson
Red Hat Storage & Big DataScott McClellan, Doug Williams
Red Hat JBoss BRMS 6 Developer Experience: A Sneak PreviewMark Proctor
Profile C/C++ Applications Using Eclipse in Red Hat Enterprise LinuxJeff Johnston
Red Hat IaaS Overview & RoadmapAndrew Cathrow, Ayal Baron
Integration of Storage, OpenStack & VirtualizationTushar Katarki, Sean Cohen
Easy Integration with Red Hat FuseJames Strachan
Real-world Perspectives: Establishing a Secure, Reliable & Optimal InfrastructureEllen Newlands, JR Aquino, Joseph Bezouska, Addam Krucek
Building Backup & Archive Solutions with Red Hat Storage PartnersMarcel Hergaarden
Custom Scripting with CLIBruce Wolfe
Lift Your Legacy UNIX Applications & Databases into the CloudNicolas de Beco
Delivering Enterprise-caliber Cloud Solutions through HP CloudSystem with Red Hat Enterprise Linux & KVMJennifer Kotzen
Managing SELinux in the EnterpriseDaniel Walsh
Implementation Best Practices for Red Hat CloudFormsVinny Valdez, James Labocki
Integrating Distributed, Cloud, & Mobile Applications into the Intelligent, Integrated EnterprisePierre Fricke, Ken Johnson
Simplifying Large-scale, Middleware Migrations with JBoss WindupBrad Davis
Examining & Increasing Java Application PerformanceOmair Majid, Jonathan VanAlten
Linux File Systems: Enabling Cutting-edge Features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 & 7Steve Dickson, Ric Wheeler
Red Hat OpenStack Performance & ScaleMark Wagner
Get Mobile-ready Fast with Red Hat JBoss Data Services PlatformPritam Prasad, Mani Subramanyam, Udaypal Aarkoti
Big Data & Traditional DatabasesMark Coggin, Keith Alsheimer, Matt Asay, Terry Orsborn, David Stokes
Real-world Perspectives: Business Rules & Red Hat JBoss BRMSJeremy Davis, Arnold Hahamyan, Gavin McMillan
Using an Open Source Framework to Catch the Bad GuyNorman Mark St. Laurent
Mobile & Rich Client Smack DownJay Balunas
Compliance Made Easy with Red HatShawn Wells
Build Applications the JBoss WayPete Muir, Ray Ploski
Implementing New Open Source Tools for Collaboration & SecurityChris Stierle, Jay Madison
Cloud Bursting with OpenShift EnterpriseGrant Shipley
Maven Repository: Best Practices for Easy MigrationMax Rydahl Andersen
Platform Needs Middleware & Middleware Needs PlatformBrian Likosar, Ray Ploski

Thursday, June 11, 2013

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
GlusterFS Internals & RoadmapVijay Bellur, Jeff Darcy, John Mark Walker
Applying Tuning Settings with "tuned"Wander Boessenkool
When Big Data Goes Beyond HadoopScott Clinton, Veda Shankar
Middleware Platforms for Application Development: A Product ComparisonRichard Naszcyniec
Optimizing HPC Clouds for NASA with Red Hat SolutionsHoot Thompson, D. John Shakshober, Mark Wagner
Managing Java Applications in an Open Hybrid CloudJohn Doyle
Streamline & Accelerate IT Service Delivery with OpenShift EnterpriseJoe Fernandes, Gunnar Hellekson, Dan Juengst, John Keck
Leveraging Cloud Services to Modernize Legacy Applications for Healthcare & Government IndustriesTony Dicuffa
Developer Toolset: Build, Run, & Analyze Applications On Multiple Versions of Red Hat Enterprise LinuxMatt Newsome
SELinux for Mere MortalsThomas Cameron
KVM Hypervisor Roadmap & Technology UpdateBhavna Sarathy, Karen Noel
The New Wave in BPM from Red HatPhil Simpson, Prakash Aradhya
Hot Off the Press: Top Journalists on Today's Tech TrendsJohn Abbott, Jon Brodkin, Sean Michael Kerner, Scott Merrill
Creating Application-aware Business Services with Red Hat Enterprise VirtualizationRanjit Nair
OpenStack: Core Components & CapabilitiesBowe Strickland
Red Hat-powered, Energy-efficient Hyperscale ARM ServerJon Masters
Building & Developing a Proven Red Hat TeamRandy Russell
Nexus 1000V on KVM with OpenStack IntegrationHan Yang
Private Cloud Infrastructure with ManageIQ at AutoTrader GroupBrad Ascar
Defining the Future with Red Hat Storage Geo-replicationMohit Anchlia, Dustin Black
Red Hat JBoss Data Grid & the Hibernate Suite: A Love AffairSanne Grinovero
Consume PaaS in the Cloud with OpenShift OnlineJuan Noceda, Mike McGrath
Performance Analysis & Tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part ID. John Shakshober, Larry Woodman, Bill Gray, Jeremy Eder
Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 CLI: Ninja ManagementBrian Stansberry
Connect Applications Everywhere with Red Hat JBoss A-MQRobert Davies
Secure Development PracticesLangdon White, Josh Bressers, Norman Mark St. Laurent, Anil Saldhana, Daniel Walsh
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Workload Overview - SAP & MoreMike Day, Bill Bauman
Setting Up Red Hat Identity ManagementRob Locke
The Bright Future of OpenJDKDeepak Bhole
Migrating 1, 000 VMs from VMware to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: A Case StudyTomas Von Veschler
Red Hat Subscription Tools: Easier Management & Faster Issue ResolutionKeith Robertson, Bryan Kearney
Running Java Apps in Google App Engine & OpenShift via JBoss CapeDwarfTerry Okamoto, Chris Ramsdale, Aleš Justin
Scale-out Infrastructure for Flight AvailabilityPaul Hubert
Mobile Makes Your Enterprise Go Boom (The Good or Bad Kind)Jay Balunas
Replication Between Datacenters with Red Hat JBoss Data GridBela Ban
Evolving & Improving Red Hat Enterprise Linux NFS Steve Dickson
Performance Analysis & Tuning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Part IID. John Shakshober, Larry Woodman, Bill Gray, Jeremy Eder
Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform 6 Quick StartKeith Babo, Kevin Conner, Alan Santos
Collaboration in Action: Red Hat OpenStack PartnersMike Werner, Chris Ferris, Girish Gopal, Mark McLaughlin
How the Red Hat Ecosystem Works Mike Werner
SELinux for ImmortalsForrest Taylor
Introducing a New Linux Management API: OpenLMIRussell Doty, Stephen Gallagher
Agility & Optimization with Red Hat JBoss BRMS at GLOBALFOUNDRIESAchim Felber, Diwas Adhikari, Anulekha Anand, Derrick Kittler
Red Hat JBoss Operations Network Automation & ScriptingBrian Ashburn
OpenStack ArchitectureRussell Bryant
War Stories from the Cloud: Lessons from US Defense AgenciesTed Brunell, John Barrette, George Callaghan, Munjeet Singh, Tom Tschour, Peter Walsh
Writing Cartridges for OpenShiftJhon Honce
Rethinking Mobile & Web Applications with ErraiLincoln Baxter III, Christian Sadilek
Under the Hood of OpenShift, Turbocharged by Red Hat Enterprise LinuxIan Pilcher, Christopher Alfonso, Daniel Walsh
Tuning Red Hat Enterprise Linux for DatabasesSanjay Rao
Hadoop on Red Hat Storage Server: A Reference ArchitectureStephen Watt
Parallel NFS: Storage Leaders & NFS Architects PanelRic Wheeler, Steve Dickson, Sorin Faibish, Ricardo Labiaga, Douglas O'Flaherty, Brent Welch
Scaling out Tier-1 Applications with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization & NetApp Clustered Data ONTAPJon Benedict, Karthik Nagalingam, Dustin Schoenbrun, Ian Pilcher
Managing Updates on Red Hat Enterprise LinuxScott McBrien
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Deep DiveAndrew Cathrow
Managing Red Hat Subscriptions in a Hybrid Cloud EcosystemJane Circle
Building & Managing a Standard Operating EnvironmentDirk Herrmann, Todd Warner, Milan Zázrivec
OpenShift Deep Dive: Running a Large, Public PaaSMike McGrath
Red Hat Environments Working at the Speed of BusinessDavid McNeely
Securing Applications with PicketLinkPete Muir, Anil Saldhana
Developing Scalable Mobile Backends using Red Hat Enterprise Linux & OpenShiftGrant Shipley
Best Practices for Red Hat Storage Server PerformanceBen England, Neependra Khare
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization PerformanceMark Wagner
Industrialized Application Development & Accelerated Legacy Migration for OpenShiftNiel Eyde, Max Furmanov, Vipul Savjani
Real-world Perspectives: Gaining Competitive Advantages with Red Hat SolutionsRodrique Heron, John Fulton, Fredy Hernandez, Nathan Lager, Greg Scott, Robert Starr

Friday, June 12, 2013

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Session titlesSpeakersSlides
Interoperability Results from SAP & Red Hat CollaborationMustafa Saglam, Ted Jones
Filesystem Access Control ListsRudolf Kastl
Getting Ready for Systemd, the New Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Service ManagerLennart Poettering, Kay Sievers
Hypervisor Technology Comparison & MigrationBhavna Sarathy, Karen Noel
Stitching Infrastructure Layers with Identity Management ThreadAnil Saldhana, Dmitri Pal
Running at 100%: Linux in a CloudMichael Daubman
Taking Back Control of Data MobilityVeda Shankar
Ruby for the Enterprise with JBoss TorqueboxJeremy Davis
A Guided Tour through a Middleware Tooling WonderlandMax Rydahl Andersen
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 & Microsoft Windows Interoperability UpdateMark Heslin
JBoss in the TrenchesAndrew Block
Design Business Intelligence Appliances Using Red Hat TechnologiesVamsi Chemitiganti, Derrick Kittler
Real-world Perspectives: Optimizing Infrastructures with Red Hat SatelliteTodd Warner, Aly Khimji, Bernard Lee, Eric Nothen, Aaron Schaeffer, Matt Wells
Red & Blue: The Perfect Combination to Optimize & Maintain IT AvailabilityHector Luna, Candy McClean
Begin Programming Your Red Hat Satellite ServerGeorge Hacker
Network Virtualization & Software-defined NetworkingChris Wright
Middleware Platforms for Integration & BPM: A Product ComparisonRichard Naszcyniec
Centralized Business Process Management in Enterprise ITSanjeev Kumar, Trevor Narayan
Liberate your Files: A Solution from Vizuri using ownCloud, OpenShift, & Red Hat Storage ServerIsaac Christoffersen, Matt Richards, Ted Brunell
Empowering Business Users with Process Management ToolsKris Verlaenen, Pedro Zapata Fernandez
Driving the Modern Business with Process Management & Red Hat JBoss BRMSEmily Brand, Jeff Forte
Java EE 6 & Spring: A Lover’s QuarrelMauricio Leal, Vamsi Chemitiganti, Derrick Kittler
Bring Order to Your Application Madness with Software CollectionsMarcela Maslanova
Make the NICs Move: Adventures in Network Performance TuningMartin Porter, Jeremy Eder
Red Hat Storage Server: Best Practices & Advanced ConfigurationsPeter Portante, Ben England
Real-world Perspectives: Building Next-generation Applications TodayJeremy Davis, Sanjay Attada, Steven Delgado, Scott McGlone, Roger Ruttimann