Financial services

Transactional efficiency

Address escalating demand by modernizing and streamlining processes that remove both cost and complexity.

Business of transactional efficiency

Transform financial services with open technology

Balance digital transformation with reliability, security, and compliance.

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Considering IT automation?

Take the right steps toward successful automation in your financial organization.

Technology for transactional efficiency

Solve complex scheduling problems

Combine construction heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms with efficient score calculation to solve constraint satisfaction problems using Red Hat Decision Manager.

Business rules management

Get your hands on a powerful business rules management system to help you capture business logic and automate decisions across environments using a microservices architecture.

Business automation best practices

Learn the best practices for business process management with business automation solutions from Red Hat.

Use cases

Open source anti-money laundering solutions

Financial institutions are implementing flexible, automated open source solutions to detect money laundering to address evolving demands.

Open source risk analytics

Financial institutions are modernizing their pricing and risk analytics platforms. Learn the 7 ways open source can help financial firms meet these needs.

The products you need for transactional efficiency

Red Hat Fuse

A distributed integration platform that connects your infrastructure and enables integration experts, app developers, and business users to collaborate and independently develop connected solutions.

Red Hat Decision Manager logo

A comprehensive platform for business rules management (BRM), business resource optimization, and complex event processing (CEP).

Red Hat OpenShift

An open, hybrid Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that lets developers quickly develop, host, scale, and deliver apps in the cloud.