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Thanks for downloading your Red Hat® product evaluation. Once your download completes, you're ready to install.

Remember, this evaluation is not intended for production use.

To install Red Hat Enterprise Linux® Server you'll need:

System requirements

Your physical or virtual machine should meet the system requirements.

30 — 45 minutes

Installation should take less than an hour.

Installation steps

Start the system from the bootable disk and select "Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6."

RHEL Install - Boot Screen

Customize installation options:

Adjust Date & Time, Keyboard, and Language Support preferences under Localization

Modify Installation Source, Software Selection, and Network Configuration options under Software.

Configure any additional options for Storage.

Click Begin Installation to start the process.

RHEL Install - Write Changes

Set a root password.

RHEL Install - Root Password

When the installation process completes, click Reboot.

RHEL Install - Finish

Take a break.

Installing the Red Hat Enterprise operating system can take the majority of the estimated 30-45 minutes.

Register your system to receive updates and receive additional products. Registration Assistant will guide you through the process.

RHEL Install - Reboot

Need installation support?

If you need help installing your product, contact the support team at 1-888-REDHAT-1 or 1-919-754-3700, then select the menu prompt for customer service

Resources while you wait

Learn the basics of Linux

Get an introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in our Technical Overview (RH024) course, a series of free, on-demand online training videos.

Value of a subscription

With a Red Hat subscription you get our latest enterprise-ready software, the assurance you need to keep your business running, and the technical expertise of our engineers at your fingertips.

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