Cloud-Native application design and development from the trenches

Watch recording from May 28, 2020
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A big challenge for many organizations is how to build an end-to-end, Cloud-Native application onboarding process while taking into consideration all players: development, operations, and security. You want to ensure a smooth developer experience, fully automated operations, and multilayer security.

Live-event date: Thursday, May 28, 2020 | 11.00am HKT

In this session, we'll discuss:

  • A holistic vision we defined based on Red Hat® technology: Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, Red Hat OpenShift® , Red Hat 3scale API Management, Red Hat Single Sign-on, and Red Hat Service Mesh guided by the "AAA approach."
  • An architecture that ensured maximized developer autonomy, supported by an everything-as-a service approach that facilitated building, deploying, and integrating applications.
  • A multilayer security approach that includes API management, OIDC authentication, and Istio capabilities.
  • Predefined self-services and automated provisioning that make life easier for their operations team.

The webinar is conducted in Cantonese.

Christopher Lam

Christopher Lam

Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat

Christopher Lam is Senior Solution Architect in Red Hat Hong Kong. He is focused on the DevOps project for customers and partners. He Has 19 years of experience in the IT Industry from storage, global integration projects, and telco companies. He has 22 years of Red Hat Enterprise LinuxⓇ experience going back to Red Hat 5.1.

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