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JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Expands to over 45 Certified Configurations

In an effort to continue our commitment toward platform compatibility, portability & interoperability, with our latest Cumulative Patch (CP) release of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, we’ve significantly increased the number of Certified & Compatible configurations from 29 to 45.

Although the JBoss Application Server from JBoss.org receives a high degree of community testing, it’s typically only exercised on a handful of software configurations. Since must of our customers have large heterogeneous environments, as part of the testing and certification process for our enterprise products, we formalize and expand these testing efforts to focus on all of the common software configurations used by our customers. For each enterprise configuration, we run a series of test suites that focus on performance, usability, functionality, integration, installation and upgrading and management.

With the release of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform v4.3 CP03 we’ve now increased the number of Certified and Compatible operating systems, Java virtual machine and database configurations. We added support for the Sun 1.6 JDK in our last CP and with this release, we’ve now expanded this coverage to the 1.6 JDKs from Oracle/BEA, HP and IBM. We’ve also added Certified Configurations for the IBM DB2 database.

The latest JBoss Enterprise Application Platform releases are available for download from the JBoss Customer Support Portal and documentation can be found here.