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Open unlocks the world's potential

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Our deep commitment to the open source community extends beyond our technology and is key to our success. We do our best when we do good together.


Defending the open source ecosystem

We’ve spent more than two decades collaborating on community projects—including protecting open source licenses—so we can continue to develop software that pushes the boundaries of technological ability.

We support dozens of software foundations that provide an open environment for collaborative development.

All associates receive ethics training annually to stay up to date on Red Hat’s values and policies.

We defended computer interfaces as unable to be copyrighted in an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Strengthening the communities where we live and work

Our corporate citizenship efforts include donations to nonprofit organizations, gift matching, and global volunteer programs. We primarily focus our efforts in areas Red Hatters care about the most, including organizations that provide for basic human needs, STEM education in primary/secondary schools and within higher education, and health education.

More than US$2.2M was donated to global charitable and educational causes.

200+ Red Hatters volunteered 1,000+ hours supporting Co.Lab and K-12 STEM outreach programs.

U.S. Red Hatters raised and donated US$25,000+ for the American Cancer Society.


Fostering innovation through an open organization

At Red Hat, we have a unique culture rooted in open source principles. We’re leaders in a movement that is bigger than ourselves. We work to defend software freedom, connect people and ideas, and show the world the power of the open source way. At Red Hat, we’re open for all.

350+ Red Hatters volunteered as Culture Activators, advancing inclusion, collaboration, transparency, and other open source principles.

500+ students, 29% of whom were female, interned at Red Hat worldwide.

Red Hatters from 15+ countries have joined Unidos, Red Hat’s newest D&I community, formed in 2019 to support Latinx and Hispanic associates.


Reducing environmental impact through sustainable practices

With initiatives and associate engagement focused on reducing waste and power usage, recycling and composting, and minimizing travel, we continue to think creatively to find new ways of bringing business and environmental responsibility together.

Power consumption decreased by 10% per associate compared to last year.

New sustainability programs feature composting bins in all break rooms in our largest U.S. offices.

Red Hatters used 13,000 fewer beverage cans in Red Hat Tower as a result of new sparkling-water machines.

See how open source principles help us create a better world