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Executive leadership team

Laurie Krebs

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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Laurie Krebs, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Red Hat, is a strategic leader with experience developing highly effective finance organizations. Her extensive industry knowledge has led to a career in finance, accounting, and tax matters for several multinational corporations.

Prior to Red Hat, Krebs served as a tax and finance leader for more than 30 years at companies like KPMG, Nortel, and Cree, where she was focused on enabling her organizations to be a critical partner for the business. By prioritizing team building and retention, she has cultivated diverse and talented finance departments. This has resulted in more accurate analysis and reporting, and has supported the management and growth of billion-dollar companies.

In addition to her role in finance, Krebs prioritizes involvement—and often leadership—in women’s mentoring initiatives in the workplace. She is also a champion of other career development programs, where she offers motivation and inspiration to anyone seeking to further their goals and careers.