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Executive leadership team

Tim Cramer

Senior Vice President, Software Engineering

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Tim Cramer is Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Red Hat. In this role, he is responsible for the development of Red Hat’s software products, working to improve the user experience and find product combinations that provide unique value for customers and the market. He joined the company with the acquisition of Ansible in October 2015, where he served as Vice President of Engineering.

Cramer has 30 years of enterprise software experience spanning engineering and management. He began his career as an engineer specializing in supercomputer compilers and moved on to Java VM development and performance engineering. He then transitioned to various management roles focused on operating systems, developer tools, systems management, performance, virtualization, user experience, private cloud, and automation software.

Cramer has worked for several companies throughout his career, including Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Sun Microsystems, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard. He also has experience with startup companies, including work with Supercomputer Systems Inc. and Eucalyptus. Cramer has a passion for portfolio engineering and believes that the true power of an integrated solution is greater than the sum of its parts.