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CRN Exclusive: Red Hat CEO Says Next-Generation Open-Source Technologies Will Propel Sales To $5B
CRN – April 4, 2016
Next-generation open-source technologies—especially Docker containers and the OpenStack cloud operating system—will be the platforms that propel Red Hat into the future and will enable partners to scale their businesses, said Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO, to CRN. "…What's going to drive us to the next level is open source being the default choice," Whitehurst said. "Our role is to make it consumable for enterprise customers." Innovation now typically happens in the realm of open source, allowing developers to take advantage of large communities and diverse contributors, according to the CEO. "Before it was helping [customers] carve out costs. Now building new architectures is primarily an open-source question," Whitehurst said.
As in beer: Red Hat offers RHEL [Red Hat Enterprise Linux] free to developers
InfoWorld – April 1, 2016
Red Hat's success as an open source company—to the tune of $2 billion in revenue—has apparently empowered the enterprise Linux vendor to try a wholly unprecedented move: Give away Red Hat Enterprise Linux, its flagship product, to any developer who asks nicely for it. With nothing more than an email and one or two other pieces of contact information, a prospective developer will be able to sign up with Red Hat to receive a full RHEL [Red Hat Enterprise Linux] subscription—albeit without technical support and not for use in production.
Red Hat: Opportunity up for grab[s] in DevOps training
Channelnomics – April 7, 2015
Channel partners may have disregarded opportunities in subscription training services in the past, but according to Ken Goetz, VP of worldwide training services at Red Hat, up to 70 percent of sales of its Learning-as-a-Service training subscription offering comes through channel partners, and the opportunity is only growing when it comes to DevOps… According to the exec, there is "huge" opportunity for the channel with Red Hat technologies by positioning training as a subscription. "What that creates is customer loyalty and brand loyalty, and it ultimately results in an expansion of the business we do with customers and enhanced and improved adoption of the product, which is beneficial to the partner," Goetz explained. DevOps is a particularly good area for partners to get into as it is highly demanded in today's job market, he said.
How Red Hat, Inc. Keeps the Good Times Rolling—Regardless of Sector Headwinds
The Motley Fool – March 28, 2016
Open source software veteran Red Hat...met or beat analyst expectations across the board, and became the first open source business to record annual sales of $2 billion. To put that achievement into perspective, Red Hat crossed the $1 billion threshold just four years ago, and has doubled its yearly sales since then… [Frank] Calderoni [Red Hat CFO]... explained that IT spending in general is moving away from traditional, proprietary solutions and toward the cloud and open source software in a big way. What used to be an experimental fringe play is now becoming the industry standard, and Red Hat benefits from that mass-market adoption.
Eurotech and Red Hat collaborate to power more secure and scalable IoT implementations
IoT Now – March 2, 2016
Red Hat, a provider of open source solutions, and Eurotech, a provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, announced a collaboration to simplify IoT integration and accelerate implementations of IoT projects… Eurotech and Red Hat technologies will strive to solve the problems of scalability, performance latency, reliability, and security inherent to complex IoT implementations… Combined, Red Hat and Eurotech products and expertise can deliver powerful data, device, and embedded application management services to customers that need to integrate their assets in the field more efficiently with the world of enterprise IT and mobile applications.
How Microsoft learned to stop worrying and love open source
ComputerWorld – March 2, 2016
A decade and a half ago, the business model common to many open source companies—monetising the services provided around software—was "orthogonal" to the Microsoft business model, [Microsoft executive Mark] Hill says... "It just didn't fit in our business model… So what has changed? [M]oving forward, Microsoft is less about being a company that licenses intellectual property and it's more about providing a service to customers. Everything changed with the cloud. Through the cloud we can provide customers with a service around traditional Microsoft software and we can provide a service around open source software." … The changing attitude of Microsoft has made for some moments—such as the partnership with Red Hat—that few would have predicted even a handful of years ago… "On Microsoft’s campus you have Red Hat engineers with Azure engineers for back-end support for both companies. That’s unique—doesn’t happen at AWS [Amazon Web Services], doesn’t happen at Google or any other cloud provider."


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