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Product experience, the open source way

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We believe the best ideas come from diverse minds and fresh perspectives. So we keep things open. Whether we’re researching, designing, or developing, the Red Hat User Experience Design (UXD) team runs on open source.


Who we are

Our team works across the world. The range of disciplines we represent is almost as wide as our global reach, from UX researchers and designers to UX developers and strategists. But distance doesn’t keep us apart. We collaboratively create product experiences that are useful, human, and—above all—open.

By designing our enterprise products in the open, we give our customers and partners the opportunity to directly shape the product experiences they use.

Paul Lightfoot
Global Director, User Experience Design


Our open source design system

With so many people working on various products, we pay extra attention to unity.
That’s where PatternFly comes in.

PatternFly is an open source project that provides resources for building consistent, accessible, and scalable web applications. On PatternFly, you’ll find style guides, design patterns, and the code to build it all. 

And PatternFly is more than a project. It’s a community filled with designers, developers,
and other UX specialists—all affectionately referred to as Flyers. We’re building better product experiences together.



How we work

We work with upstream communities of our products. That’s right—both users and original contributors to open source projects play a big role in how the product experience evolves. Our collaborative nature stems from empathy, transparency, and community.


We partner with users to create product experiences by people, for people.

We get to know our users and learn their goals, tasks, and challenges. Their input shapes the product and pushes the experience to new levels.


Communication and feedback are at the center of everything we do.

By operating on this foundation of inclusivity, we help ideas scale into user-friendly product experiences for all.


As a team, we engage as a community—and with upstream communities of all kinds.

This sense of human connection extends to PatternFly too. Flyers work together to spread knowledge, share solutions, and create remarkable experiences.

Join us

The UXD team is made up of thinkers, creators, collaborators, and so much more.
Our people make us who we are. So come join us.