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A lot has changed since

Open source

Big names adopt Linux® in their production environments and offer Linux support. Open source grows from a side project to the future of technology.

Red Hat 25
Red Hat 25

The dot-com boom

The invention of the web eventually leads to the dot-com boom and has an immeasurable effect on the way we live.

Red Hat 25


Access to information at all times becomes standard. The mobile phone is refined, perfected, and massively adopted. Enterprises make applications a top priority.

Cloud computing

Demand for access to IT resources increases. Virtual machine technology progresses. The cloud becomes a more cost-effective and flexible solution compared to on-premise servers.

Red Hat 25
Red Hat 25

Big data

The internet and interconnected devices become a cornerstone of everyday life and generate vast amounts of data. Organizations use Big Data to cut costs, operate more efficiently, and find new ways to boost profits.

Red Hat 25

DevOps and containers

Rapid technological advancements and rising customer expectations require new ways of working. IT departments implement DevOps and containers to deliver applications and services more efficiently.

Red Hat 25

Red Hat has been there the whole time.

No matter what happens next, we'll always remember
 what makes us Red Hat

Commitment to open source

Our commitment to open source goes beyond supporting open source software—we are a company deeply united by the belief that open unlocks the world’s potential. We are also leading contributors to hundreds of open source projects, representing thousands of developers and millions of hours.

Red Hat 25

Projects feed into products

While upstream projects are hotbeds of innovation, Red Hat has always known enterprise customers need the stable and supported foundation of a product, backed by a trusted team.

Red Hat 25

Collaborating for community and customer success

We believe collaborating with customers and open source communities leads to the best solutions to the most difficult problems.

Red Hat 25

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