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Consulting Unit Redemption Tables


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These consumption tables below, remain valid for those contract effective up to and including 31 December 2017. Consulting unit redemption schedule per hour by role and country in which delivery occurs.

Redemption Tables

Available Tables:

(December 1, 2016), (March 1, 2018), (June 1, 2019), (April 1, 2023), (October 1, 2023)

North America

Consulting Unit ValueConversion Rate
Staff Consultant1.50 CU/Hr
Consultant2.00 CU/Hr
Senior Consultant2.75 CU/Hr
Architect3.00 CU/Hr
Senior Architect3.50 CU/Hr
Principal Architect4.00 CU/Hr
Project Coordinator1.75 CU/Hr
Project Manager2.25 CU/Hr
Program Manager3.00 CU/Hr
Travel and ExpensesEach unit converted will be equivalent to its sales price. See Note Below*
*For Travel and Expenses, each unit converted will be equivalent to its sales price. Travel costs differ between geographic regions and locations within regions. At the time of redemption, enough units will be redeemed to cover estimated travel costs to the location where services will be delivered.


Consulting Unit Value Conversion Rate
Enterprise Architect - 1 day/8 hrs 32 CUs
Programme Manager - 1 day/8 hrs 26 CUs
Enterprise Consultant - 1 day/8 hrs 26 CUs
Commute > 50km 1 CUs
Overnight stay 3 CUs
Continental Return Flight 6 CUs
Intercontinental Return Flight 12 CUs