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Red Hat subscription model

A Red Hat subscription

What is it?

To maintain an application infrastructure that meets your organization's continually expanding demands, you need more than a maintenance and support contract. You need a proven, scalable, reliable, and secure enterprise platform. You need truly collaborative relationship with your technology vendor.

That's exactly what you get with your Red Hat subscription.

Powerful enterprise platform

Red Hat's world-class engineering organization works in collaboration with the open source community and our customers to create and test innovative technology solutions that provides unmatched availability, security, and scalability.

Leadership within the community

Red Hat is the leading commercial contributor to the Linux® kernel, JBoss community, and countless other open source projects. Because Red Hat is the world's leading open source provider, your subscription enables you to leverage our involvement and influence.

Collaboration with the IT industry

Red Hat maintains relationships with thousands of independent software vendors (ISVs) and independent hardware vendors (IHVs). Through these relationships, we combine industry and community innovation with Red Hat enterprise platform products to deliver robust solutions your business can rely on in one of the largest technology certification ecosystems in the world.

Relationship with you

Your Red Hat subscription not only gives you access to high-quality software and updates, but also information and support services that span your entire application infrastructure, lifecycle and architecture. We encourage you to contact us to take advantage of our expertise during all phases of planning, testing, deploying, maintaining, and upgrading your infrastructure or applications.

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What you get

Red Hat subscriptions—more than just great support

With a Red Hat subscription, you have access to Red Hat's guidance, insights, and expertise, allowing you to focus on creating value for your company. You benefit from Red Hat's ability to collaborate with the open source community in creating a stable enterprise platform that meets your organization's needs. All Red Hat® subscriptions include everything you see below.

Enterprise software

Your Red Hat subscription gives you continuous access to Red Hat software as it is created, tested, and certified by Red Hat and its partners. With a Red Hat subscription, you have access to all supported versions in both binary and source form, including all enterprise product documentation. security updates, and bug fixes.


Red Hat subscriptions aren't tied to a specific version. With a Red Hat subscription, you can upgrade to any supported version of Red Hat software and deploy on physical, virtual, or cloud-based servers with ease.

Robust security

Keep your systems secure through our industry-leading Security Response Team. This team works with our customers, partners, security watchdog groups, and the global open source community to identify security vulnerabilities. To date, it has delivered fixes for more than 98% of critical vulnerabilities within 1 calendar day of being identified. Learn more about Red Hat's Robust Security.

Hardware and software certifications

Red Hat maintains relationships with thousands of software and hardware vendors to certify the performance of your business-critical applications on Red Hat and JBoss® software. With Red Hat, you gain access to one of the largest technology certification ecosystems in the world, with more than 4,000 product certifications to date and more being added every day. No derivative of Red Hat technology enjoys these certifications and third-party support. Learn more about Red Hat product certifications.

Production and development support

Gain access to Red Hat technical support up to 24 hours a day globally. Red Hat does not require customers to reproduce or justify an issue to receive technical support so you can be confident that a Red Hat support engineer quickly understands your issue. Learn more about Red Hat Support.

Through the award-winning Red Hat Customer Portal, you get integrated access to all the features of your subscription:

  • Access the extensive Red Hat Knowledgebase.
  • Find case studies and reference architectures to help you get the most from your Red Hat solutions.
  • Manage your subscriptions.
  • Engage with Red Hat and our partners.


Cut costs by standardizing on a single, stable platform from the industry's leading open source vendor.

Intellectual property assurance

Increase confidence through Red Hat's intellectual property Open Source Assurance program, which provides certain safeguards in the event of a legal claim while you have a Red Hat subscription.

Cost advantages

Because Red Hat delivers software and services via a subscription, there are no license costs, upgrade fees, additional maintenance fees, per-incident support costs, or user access fees. Simply maintain one active subscription per resource running Red Hat software to take advantage of all the value we provide.


How it works

Purchase and maintain the correct subscriptions for your Red Hat environment

Your subscription gives you Red Hat's enterprise open source solutions and everything you need to use it effectively. Red Hat® subscriptions have no client access licenses. No support incident limits. No unbudgeted upgrade costs. No hidden charges.

How does Red Hat charge for subscriptions?

Red Hat products are provided on a per-instance or per-installation subscription basis, which gives you access to all subscription benefits during your subscription term. These benefits include access to Red Hat's:

  • Software
  • Updates
  • Upgrades
  • Technical support
  • Security fixes
  • Knowledgebase
  • Open Source Assurance program
  • Proven, enterprise-ready solutions

What Red Hat subscriptions am I required to maintain?

Red Hat subscriptions provide continuous value through the product's tested reliability, availability of software maintenance and technical support, certifications, and Open Source Assurance.

Some resources may require more of these benefits, some less, so Red Hat measures the full value of your subscriptions by counting the number of instances or installations of Red Hat software you use. While you have subscriptions for a Red Hat product, you must maintain a subscription for every instance or installation of Red Hat software being used in your environment.

How is Red Hat JBoss Middleware subscription sizing determined?

Subscriptions to Red Hat JBoss® Middleware products are provided in a virtualization-friendly model, consumed in increments of 16 and/or 64 processor core bands, and backed by a choice of enterprise service levels that support any type of mission-critical deployment.

Some key features of the Red Hat JBoss Middleware consumption model:

  • Processor cores can be virtual or physical, making them ideally suited for the growing trend toward virtualizing middleware workloads.
  • Customers are free to choose the types of processor cores that make sense for their environment. Different types of processor cores are treated the same.
  • Technical support covers issues across the entire application life cycle, from development to deployment management, across any supported environment.
  • A subscription for any individual Red Hat JBoss Middleware product includes development use for all of the products in the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio.
  • Learn more about sizing your Red Hat JBoss Middleware environment.

Terms and conditions of your Red Hat subscription

Who can provide me with Red Hat software?

Only Red Hat and its authorized business partners can give you access to Red Hat's tested and certified enterprise software. This access is provided via subscriptions available either directly from Red Hat or from an authorized Red Hat business partner.

What are my options for obtaining Red Hat subscription benefits?

You can purchase a Red Hat subscription and receive its full benefits (including access to software) directly from Red Hat or from an authorized Red Hat business partner.

Red Hat also works with thousands of system integrator (SI), independent software vendor (ISV), and independent hardware vendor (IHV) partners to build, optimize, sell, and deliver complete solutions to our customers. Some of these partners, including authorized original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), are also authorized to provide frontline support.

These partners and their customers can rely on their relationship with Red Hat to take advantage of the latest Red Hat technology and the expertise of the industry's leading open source provider.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

To continue to receive the benefits of your Red Hat subscriptions, you renew them so that all instances and installations of Red Hat software maintain an active subscription.

If all of your subscriptions expire and you have no other active subscriptions in your organization, you retain the right to use the software, but your entire environment will no longer receive any of the subscription benefits, including:

  • The latest certified software versions.
  • Security errata and bug fixes.
  • Red Hat technical support.
  • Access to the award-winning Customer Portal.
  • Red Hat's Open Source Assurance.

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