The value of Red Hat

Red Hat gives you what you need to put technology to work in complex environments, including tested software, support, added security, and flexibility.

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Stability meets innovation

Learn how you can gain flexibility and innovation from open source—innovation that is reinforced with proven enterprise-grade quality and performance—and break free from lock-in.

Benefits of Red Hat

Technical support

You have access to phone and online support, as well as the documentation, knowledgebase, and tools needed to keep your systems running—and solve problems quickly.

Security resources

Red Hat solutions are tested and hardened to make sure they’re as secure as possible. They’re also backed by a dedicated Product Security team that monitors, identifies, and addresses risks that affect our products.

Partner ecosystem

Red Hat has relationships with thousands of software, cloud, and hardware partners, so you can deploy knowing that the technology in your environment will work with Red Hat.

Supported life cycles

Red Hat subscriptions are not tied to a specific version, giving you the freedom to choose from multiple supported versions and upgrade on your schedule.

Product roadmaps

With a subscription, you can view our product roadmaps and provide feedback to help shape our product direction.

Proactive analytics

Many products in the Red Hat portfolio are integrated with Red Hat Insights and analytics services, which can help you proactively identify and remediate security, compliance, and configuration risks.

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How Red Hat stacks up

Explore analyst feedback and user reviews to find out why experts choose us as their trusted partner when navigating complex enterprise tech challenges.

A trusted IT leader

We revolutionized open source with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. Today, we have expanded our portfolio to include hybrid cloud infrastructure, middleware, agile integration, cloud-native application development, and management and automation solutions.

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Red Hat subscription model FAQs

Get answers to common questions about the Red Hat® subscription model, how subscriptions are used in customer environments, and why managing your subscription is important. See how Red Hat subscriptions provide everything you need to run your systems reliably and more securely.

What is the Red Hat subscription model?

A Red Hat subscription provides you with access to download supported and released versions of Red Hat software. It also provides access to an online knowledgebase and support for advice and guidance to deploy, configure, and manage the Red Hat software, even in critical environments.

What’s more, you also get access to Red Hat software as it’s updated by Red Hat.

What’s included in a subscription?

An active Red Hat subscription provides what you need to run all your systems reliably and more securely. In addition to the software, a subscription gives you access to a community of experts, knowledge resources, security updates, and support tools that you can't get anywhere else.

Ongoing delivery

  • Patches
  • Bug fixes
  • Updates
  • Upgrades

Technical support

  • 24/7 availability
  • Unlimited incidents
  • Specialty-based routing
  • Multi-vendor case ownership
  • Multi-Channel

Industry Ecosystem

  • Hardware certifications
  • Software certifications
  • Cloud Provider certifications
  • Software assurance


  • Red Hat Product Security
  • Red Hat Customer Portal
  • Knowledgebase
  • Customer Portal Labs

Is support included in a Red Hat subscription?

Absolutely. When you purchase a subscription, you choose the level of support services for your specific use cases and environments. Support levels include premium, standard, and self-support (available only in certain regions and on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Entry Level). Red Hat also offers support services that can be added on top of your subscriptions, for a customized package.

What subscription terms does Red Hat offer?

Red Hat subscriptions are typically sold in one- and three-year terms. Some offerings may be structured and charged differently.

Where can I learn more?

Find out how to get the most out of your subscription Read this whitepaper for more reasons a Red Hat subscription can help you.

Talk to a Red Hatter

Discover all the ways that a Red Hat subscription can help your business.

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