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API Developer Tutorial Videos - Connect API

About this video

A part of a series of five videos made for developers to explain how to build their API strategy with Red Hat Solutions and tools. The five videos give an overview of how to connect, create, containerize, better secure, and manage APIs.

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As you're developing your cloud strategy you should also think about your application programming interface, or API strategy. APIs are increasingly important to businesses that want to build new services, reach customers in new ways, and deliver timely, accurate information to users and customers. In this video we'll explore how developers can connect and compose APIs using Red Hat Fuse Online, a low-code IPAAS solution which is part of the Red Hat Fuse integration platform. To get started, simply upload the Swagger API definition file for the target API or use a URL. Next, review the available connections. In this case, we'll connect to an API to pay a water bill, then we'll create the connection. The platform provides many pre-billed component choices. Next, we'll select the database as the starting connection and use a to-dos application to trigger a recurring payment, and we'll map the data to the API. Once we publish the integration the platform will automatically spin up a Red Hat Enterprise Linux container that we can see in the Red Hat OpenShift environment. Now the connected application is running in the cloud and can be deployed in an on-premise private cloud or public cloud environment. Red Hat Solutions make it easy to share, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs for internal or external users with added security. Trust Red Hat to provide modular, lightweight, and comprehensive API solutions that are open source, open standards, and available on-premise or in the cloud. Learn more. Try Red Hat Fuse Online today.