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Container Security and Authentication in Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform

About this Video

When it comes to adopting containers, security is the highest adoption barrier according to 53 percent of IT operations and development professionals working with containers today. While there is no shortage of container security news, there is still some debate about the best way to properly secure containers.
In this webcast, Red Hat engineers Daniel Walsh and Jordan Liggitt cover how security and authentication work in Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform. You will learn:
- The difference between privileged and non-privileged containers
- How security is mapped from the pod to the container to the Kernel
- How security context is carried through to the persistent storage with extended attributes
- How to connect Atomic Enterprise Platform to an enterprise authentication system including Active Directory, LDAP service, and public oAuth services like Github
- How the framework for authentication and authorization between components and for tasks works
- The differences between Administrative oadm capabilities and User oc capabilities

Learn more: https://access.redhat.com/products/red-hat-atomic-enterprise-platform

Run time
February 2, 2016