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Explore our favorite Red Hat Enterprise Linux features with hands-on labs

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Join the Red Hat Enterprise Linux team as they talk about their favorite RHEL features.  Each of our speakers will be talking about one of their favorite, but underused, features include with RHEL 8 and 9.  Additionally, we will offer hands-on, browser based labs so that you can try out these features for yourself!  We will be covering:

Performance observability with bcc-tools: Observe and Diagnose system and application performance issues on your systems with a suite of tools provided through the bcc-tools package.

Build and deploy RHEL for the Edge: Build your own RHEL for the Edge image using Imagebuilder.  Leverage the build’s immutable features and appliance-like image creation and deployment capabilities to make working outside the datacenter more manageable and reliable.

Automate and simplify RHEL management: Building and maintaining a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) is critical to managing your system population.  Work with RHEL system roles (based on Ansible automation technology) to help build and manage your SOE!

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