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Learn to automate and quickly push code part 1: Intro to CI/CD

About this Video

Often times organizations have an automated provisioning process, however they are provisioning in only one environment. However, we are human and make mistakes, so if a mistake is carried out, it can lead to issues such as delivering the automated delivery process in an automated error. This is an issue because If organizations deliver services to internal or external customers, those customers will notice because mistakes will get carried out even if they are incorrect. How we solve this is by separating environments - you want a production environment that's in an operational state and is tested and vetted and a dev environment where developers can play around with code without affecting operations. In this 3-part series, we will explore continuous integration and continuous delivery CI/CD, a methodology with a multi developer environment to make sure that code stays separate and you are able to safely test code and to make sure that provisioning still works before deploying to end-users.

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October 13, 2020