Microsoft and Red Hat: A partnership to transform cloud DevOps

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There’s a lot going on in the cloud, and a lot of that is open source. Microsoft and Red Hat are bringing a wave of modern open source portfolios to the cloud. Fueled by the cloud, DevOps is becoming commonplace across organizations of all sizes. As these organizations invest in their people and process to enable DevOps, and look at the cloud to deliver business value, a thorough and innovative open source strategy has become a key factor in evaluating the platforms out there. Through our partnership, Microsoft and Red Hat help customers navigate that strategy--whether moving to a Platform-as-a-Service platform (OpenShift in Azure), accelerating development and testing with Red Hat Enterprise Linux in Azure, managing Azure infrastructure including coexisting Windows and Red Hat workloads with Cloud Forms and more. Our integrated support, CCSP benefits, and joint roadmap are transforming Cloud DevOps. Join us for a partnership update, including a discussion on our approach to open source, the portfolio we’re enabling, and what our customers are doing with open source DevOps in the cloud. And learn why this partnership is an important part of your DevOps journey, wherever you might be.

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