Low-risk mono to microservices: Istio, Teiid, and Spring Boot

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 A lot of monolith-to-microservices guidance glosses over the hard parts of strangling a monolith. The guidance we get about the single responsibility principle, smart endpoints and dumb pipes, etc., is quite useless. We're left to discover the nasty parts ourselves.

In this session, Christian Posta of Red Hat tackles this problem head-on using examples and without skipping important things like:
- Current monoliths deliver lots of business value.
- Monoliths are not modular.
- The relationships between tables are highly normalized and exhibit tight coupling/integrity constraints.
- We don't understand what code in the monolith uses which tables.
- We can't just stop existing business processes to do a high-risk migration.
- There will be some ugly migration steps we cannot wish away.
- There is a point of diminishing return.

We'll use these technologies to lower risk: OpenShift, Istio Service Mesh, Teiid+Spring Boot, and Red Hat JBoss AMQ 7.

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