Today we announce the general availability of the Next Generation of Red Hat OpenShift Online Pro tier (OpenShift Online 3). OpenShift Online 3 enables developers to build, deploy, and scale containerized applications easily. With operations and management provided by Red Hat in the public cloud, developers can focus on writing the code for their business, prototyping new features, or working on their next big idea — all in a self-service environment. OpenShift Online 3 has been re-engineered to be built on the same powerful and agile technology as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and is one of the first multi-tenant cloud application platforms powered by docker-format containers and Kubernetes-based container orchestration. OpenShift Online 3 Pro Tier provides additional resources, enhanced features, and global availability for professional projects.

OpenShift Online Adoption

Since it was first introduced in 2011, more than 3.5 million applications have been launched on OpenShift Online. Startups, educational institutions, and enterprise customers around the world use OpenShift Online to deliver innovative applications and services with no up-front investment. For example, A.IX Capital uses OpenShift Online to deliver automated investment advice for its customers.

Enhanced Developer Experience

Red Hat OpenShift Online 3 delivers a world-class developer experience with new capabilities, including:

  • Simplified deployment: New one-click and “Git push” command deployment capabilities have been added to help streamline application provisioning and deployment for developers and sysadmins that do not need full control over the deployment lifecycle.
  • Automatic scaling: Cloud elasticity is enabled through automatic application scaling, which helps eliminate the need for manual intervention from Operations when an increase in application load requires more application instances.
  • S2I builds: Using the source-to-image (S2I) framework to build reproducible container images. This helps eliminate the need for developers to understand docker, or create and manage docker images, reducing errors and enabling them to focus on writing their applications in the language of their choice.
  • IDE integration: The platform features built-in integration with popular integrated development environments (IDEs), including Eclipse, Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio, and Titanium Studio, enabling developers to stay within the IDE they are most comfortable with when working with OpenShift.
  • Middleware services: Red Hat OpenShift Application Services provide the powerful capabilities of products in the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio as cloud-based services on OpenShift. These services can be used by developers to build applications, integrate with other systems, orchestrate using rules and processes, and then deploy across hybrid environments.

What's New in OpenShift Online 3 Pro Tier

The OpenShift Pro Tier offers additional resources for professional projects and hosting:

  • Always On, Unlimited Usage
  • Run your applications in production - 24x7
  • Additional resources
  • 10 Projects
  • 2GiB Memory included (for your apps), with up to 48GiB available
  • 2GiB Terminating Memory included (for builds, deployments, and jobs), with up to 20GiB available
  • Up to 100GiB Storage available
  • Enhanced features
  • Invite Collaborators to Projects
  • Support for Custom Domains
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • More information is available on the pricing page.
  • Limited time complimentary support
  • Complimentary Basic Support by award-winning Red Hat support team
  • Available for purchase in more than 200+ countries

Pricing and Availability

Developers can register for a Red Hat OpenShift Online account at
Red Hat OpenShift Online is now available in two offerings:

  • Starter: A free service that includes 1GiB of memory, 1GiB terminating memory, and 1GiB storage for individual learning and experimenting.
  • Pro: A paid service that adds additional resources starting at $50/month, with additional memory available for $25/month per GiB and additional persistent storage available for $1/month per GiB. The Pro tier is available for purchase in more than 200 countries. OpenShift Online Pro also includes Pro Basic Support free for a limited period of time.

If you’re already using the previous version of OpenShift, you can find step-by-step instructions in our Migration Center to help you easily migrate your applications

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