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Today we are excited to announce the general availability of OpenShift Dedicated, a new OpenShift service that is hosted and managed by Red Hat in the public cloud.

OpenShift Dedicated is built on the success and scale of OpenShift Online and the latest Docker container and Kubernetes orchestration technologies brought with OpenShift Enterprise 3.1. It offers a streamlined path for businesses to migrate to public or hybrid clouds and modernize their applications and services without the need for additional local infrastructure or operations staff. OpenShift Dedicated does this by providing an isolated container application platform cluster hosted in the public cloud, with maintenance and security managed by Red Hat.


The power and flexibility of your own OpenShift cluster, securely connected to your internal network

and backed by the experience of Red Hat Engineering, Operations, and Support.

The Evolution of OpenShift Online

OpenShift Online launched back in 2011 as a public application platform, abstracting infrastructure and allowing developers the opportunity to quickly and easily build applications and host them in the public cloud. The service became commercially available in June 2013, offering Premium Plans with on-demand production gears, additional services, and Red Hat support.

In October 2014, due to customer demand, OpenShift announced Dedicated Node Services to facilitate larger production workloads that required isolated application nodes, custom container sizes, and connection to local data centers, while still being managed by Red Hat using a shared orchestration layer.

Since its release, OpenShift Online has served millions of applications and developers in industries spanning government, education, and online commerce. According to a recent IDC MarketScape report (1), Red Hat has become a major player in the cloud application platform space.

New Container Technology with OpenShift 3

When Red Hat and OpenShift realized the potential of open source technologies such as Docker container packaging and Kubernetes container orchestration, a complete platform rewrite began in Spring 2013. The first commercial OpenShift product using this new foundation was released this past June with OpenShift Enterprise 3. These technologies are also the foundation for OpenShift Dedicated, and present a major step forward for application development in the public cloud.

Docker kubernetes2


Docker provides the abstraction for packaging and creating Linux-based, lightweight containers.

Kubernetes provides the cluster management and orchestrates Docker containers on multiple hosts.

OpenShift adds:
• Source code management, build, and deployments
• Management and promotion of images at scale
• Application lifecycle management at scale
• Team and user tracking for large developer organizations



Introducing OpenShift Dedicated

The new OpenShift Dedicated offering combines the latest container technologies of OpenShift 3 with years of experience in hosting and managing OpenShift at scale in the public cloud. This new service allows customers to build their applications on a cutting-edge container application platform without having to manage the infrastructure and underlying system.


Red Hat manages the infrastructure. You focus on your apps.

Base Package and Additional Resources

The Base Package of OpenShift Dedicated provides an organization with an entire OpenShift high availability (HA) cluster, setup and maintained by Red Hat, and securely connected to an internal network as needed. Additional Application Nodes, Persistent Storage, and Network I/O can be added to expand the resources available in your cluster.

For more detailed information about the Base Package, additional resources, and pricing, visit the OpenShift Dedicated product page.

Features and Benefits of OpenShift Dedicated

OpenShift Dedicated brings the power and flexibility of OpenShift 3 to a managed public cloud, offering many benefits and features.

Established Enterprise Technology

Leverage the latest in container technology based on open source standards. This includes Docker container packaging, Kubernetes container orchestration, application lifecycle management, and an extensive set of developer tools.

Isolated Public Platform

Your high availability (HA) platform cluster and application servers will only contain your users, applications, and services, offering increased security and the ability to connect to local services.

Flexible Application Environment

Rapidly deploy and scale applications using a wide variety of supported languages and services, or provide your own.

Expanded Hosting Regions

OpenShift Dedicated allows for hosting in most regions supported by AWS EC2, including Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney), EU (Frankfurt and Ireland), South America (Sao Paulo), US East (N. Virginia), and US West (N. California and Oregon).

Connect to Local Services

Extend your corporate network into the cloud by connecting to cloud services from within your datacenter or using an existing user authentication system.

Professionally Managed

The proven and experienced Red Hat Operations team will manage infrastructure configuration, maintenance, and security.

Award-Winning Red Hat Support

Technical expertise, guidance, and knowledge are available 24x7, including collaboration with specialty teams by phone or chat.

Built on Open Standards

OpenShift is built with proven and powerful open source technologies, enhancing application portability and enabling rapid change.


OpenShift Dedicated is globally available today for Red Hat customers in most Amazon Web Services hosting regions (exceptions Beijing and GovCloud), with support for other public cloud options expected to be available in the future.


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