Today we are taking an important step toward helping customers build event-driven applications with the introduction of Red Hat AMQ Streams, a high-performance data streaming capability based on the Apache Kafka open source project.

Integration plays a vital role in the development of modern container- and microservices-based applications. These architectures are inherently more modular and require robust, distributed messaging capabilities that can meet the demands for scale and performance. Kafka was born out of the need to enable microservices and other application components to exchange large volumes of data as quickly as possible for real-time event processing. The technology has excelled at this, and is used today by organizations of all sizes to power mission-critical business applications.

AMQ Streams takes an innovative approach by integrating the features of Kafka into the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the world's most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform. We believe this is an important and unique distinction. As more of the software world has converged on Kubernetes as the standard platform for building cloud-native applications, it is increasingly important to be able to run the communication infrastructure on the same platform.

AMQ Streams makes running and managing Apache Kafka an OpenShift-native experience, by additionally delivering OpenShift Operators which provide a simplified and automated way to deploy, manage, upgrade and configure a Kafka ecosystem installation on OpenShift. OpenShift thus provides continuous monitoring capabilities of AMQ Streams and can immediately identify changes, upgrades or node failures and enable components to be automatically redeployed.

AMQ Streams is available today as part of Red Hat AMQ, a Red Hat integration product. For customers embracing a cloud-native development model, Red Hat offers a full portfolio of technologies that enable them to build microservices-based applications, exchange information synchronously or asynchronously between them, integrate them with legacy systems, and run them on an industry-leading enterprise container and Kubernetes application platform.

Join us for a webinar on Nov. 29, 2018 to learn more about running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes with Red Hat AMQ Streams.

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