On May 2, 2017, we announced a new open source project called Syndesis.io. Syndesis.io provides a low code environment for agile integration. We also demonstrated key capabilities at the Red Hat Summit 2017 keynote.

Building on our foundational work in Syndesis.io, we have expanded those capabilities into a new product and are happy to announce Red Hat Fuse Online as a technical preview.

Red Hat Fuse Online is a low-code integration platform to help business users build faster integration solutions. It’s a 100% cloud-hosted toolchain and runtime, giving access right from your browser.  Red Hat Fuse Online is an open source iPaaS implementation. It is powered by Red Hat Fuse, which provides pattern-based integration, advanced data manipulation,  connectivity using Apache Camel, and support for agile integration architectures.

In today’s increasing digital and interconnected world, an ability to connect data across cloud applications, traditional IT systems, IoT applications, and partner ecosystems is important. Fuse Online is an API-based, hybrid integration platform that can be deployed across on-premise, private or public cloud. This covers a variety of use cases and provides a solid technical foundation to deliver digital services.

What to Do Next

Try the product and build your first integration: Red Hat Fuse Online Technical Preview product page

Get involved with community: http://syndesis.io

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