For the last 2 years, OpenShift Online has been in Developer Preview. Those have been great years - we've worked with countless developers and been able to incorporate their feedback at a furious pace. Our users are as varied as their applications but they have one thing in common - they have helped make OpenShift what it is today. Here are some numbers to give you perspective on how far we've come:

  • Over 1,000,000 applications created with more than 1500 new users each week
  • Over 500,000,000 pages served from OpenShift applications each month
  • Over 2000 applications and 8000 gears created each day

However, the feedback of late has been consistent - our users need a commercial offering. Many of our developers have moved beyond the tinkering phase and want an offering that they can trust their ideas with at scale and be fully supported in production. Today we are announcing just that.

What's unique about moving beyond our Developer Preview offering? Well, in addition to functionality, if your idea resonates with users, it's going to need some resources. Those resources come in the form of gears assigned to your application. In our Developer Preview, you were limited to 3 free gears. Going forward, you'll still have those 3 free gears at your disposal and now you will be able to purchase plans that allow you to scale well beyond that limit. And those plans offer more than just resources, they also come with the world class support for which Red Hat is known. This release not only brings the functionality you need to implement your idea, but also the platform resources and support you need to make it a success.

We also want to reward the users who came on this journey as well as interested others so we've decided to really lower the barriers to join us by making the following changes:

  • Dropping the prices of small and medium gears by 20% to $0.04 and $0.10 per hour, respectively.
  • Reducing the monthly platform fee by over 50% to $20/month/user.
  • Increasing the disk storage for each gear to 6 GB.
  • Enabling SSL for custom domains.

With this release, we are also delivering the next generation of our cartridge API to help isolate the cartridges from the core platform. You can now develop and contribute cartridges without any special permissions or approvals required. We believe this separation is the most important evolution of the system to date. Whether you are a partner providing exciting new capabilities on OpenShift or a user that needs customized functionality for your application, the new cartridge API unlocks this potential.

So in summary, our project is all grown up and is leaving the nest for new adventures! We are excited to embrace the new opportunities in delighting users with a commercial public PaaS. We appreciate our users that have grown with us and are ready for something more to take their ideas to the next level. This release is our first step down that path. To those of you that have helped get us to this point, thank you. And please keep the feedback coming and let's continue to make this the best Platform as a Service in the industry.

For an additional look at where we've been, what's coming next, and more details on the Silver Plan, read more from Juan Noceda, OpenShift Product Manager.

Ashesh Badani--General Manager

Matt Hicks--Director OpenShift Engineering