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Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is a new offering committed to helping our customers accelerate innovation, and create the solutions that meet their business challenges. As mobile application development becomes an increasingly important function within companies, customers have been asking us for advice on how to best apply the principles of continuous delivery and DevOps to their mobile application development.This was particularly exciting to me. Red Hat already has great technology to support enterprise mobile. And at Labs, we have a fantastic platform for accelerating application delivery. Together, we had a great opportunity to combine our efforts and build a phenomenal, turnkey solution.

I reached out to Josh Waldman, North American Consulting Practice Lead of Red Hat Mobile, to leverage his team’s experience and combine it with our platform. We decided:

Let’s crystalize our mobile application delivery best practices, and use Open Innovation Labs to standardize and automate everything we’ve learned.

That way, any client who comes to Labs can get access to all these best practices and standards for enterprise mobile app delivery as soon as they start working with us in the Lab.

Members of the Mobile Application Practice joined our Labs Core team for a few sprints. The results have been spectacular. In short order, we’ve created an automated infrastructure for enterprise-scale mobile application development, running in containers, automated and governed via a continuous delivery pipeline.

This multi-part blog series will give you a tour of what we’ve built, and how we got there.

As an end result, we believe we’ve got an incredible foundation for building, testing, and delivering enterprise-grade mobile applications, which can be configured and spun up in a mere matter of minutes at Labs (don’t take my word for it; watch the videos for proof!).

In addition to offering this technology out-of-the-box for our Labs customers, our contributions are community open source and can be found in our GitHub organization, so please check them out and let us know if you have interest in contributing.


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