Open source now has an established presence in the Australian market and shows significant opportunity for further growth. As recognized in the recently published Australian Open Source Industry and Community Report, when it comes to open source, the continent is also a key center of innovation and world leadership.

The report was compiled by Waugh Partners based on research carried out in late 2007 and it recognizes the many ways that Australia has made its mark on the numerous facets of open source – industry, community, education and skills, careers and employment, innovation, the market and business development.

Some key points in the study:

  • Open source is ‘a key platform for Australian innovation and productivity’
  • A number of Australian open source companies are finding success in local and export markets
  • International organizations are acquiring open source experts from Australia
  • Local contributors are rated among the leaders of the global open source community
  • The report also estimates the value of the open source industry to be around AUD$500 million (revenue per annum), with over 50 percent of that directly related to open source.

With new opportunities for development and innovation, the future for open source in Australia looks bright. The Australian Open Source Industry and Community Report confirms a strong market today and forecasts encouraging growth tomorrow.

Working with over 800 customers and over 100 partners in Australia, Red Hat is committed to working with the industry to foster this growth in Australia.

The full Australian Open Source Industry and Community Report is available here.