With the arrival of Openshift Container Storage version 4.3 - using local disks on AWS, VMware and bare metal is being released as a tech-preview feature.

This means that this feature is available for you to try out, but is not covered by the Red Hat support offering. Since demand for this specific feature is high, we are working hard to finalize the work and eventually having it as a fully supported part of OCS 4.

Why do I need local-storage for OCS 4?

By using local disks, OCS is getting ready for high-IOPs and low-latency workloads. In particular in the VMware environment, this allows administrators to deploy OCS when no distributed data is available.

Additional Resources


To find out more about OpenShift Container Storage or to take a test drive, visit https://www.openshift.com/products/container-storage/.

If you would like to learn more about what the OpenShift Container Storage team is up to or provide feedback on any of the new 4.3 features, take this brief 3-minute survey.