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When any systems – including communications service provider (CSP) operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) – are delivered with a narrow, siloed purpose, they tend to be pretty inflexible. As CSPs look to transform their businesses for success in increasingly competitive and dynamic markets, this inflexibility can stall their modernization efforts.

Service providers rely on OSS/BSS to support their services. But for many providers, their OSS/BSS generally lack interoperability. This can limit the exchange of data and access to metrics needed to synthesize more holistic views and address complex problems among the disparate systems. Bottom line: without close integration between OSS and BSS, CSPs may struggle to become digital service providers.

Modernization often starts with open source as a foundation for breaking down silos. By building on open source technology, CSPs can better address the continuous integration challenges of evolving software architectures, and software vendors can evolve their offers more quickly and efficiently to deliver cloud-native solutions that CSPs want.

Leading the way is Kubernetes, bringing the orchestrated benefits of containers to modern applications. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform delivers Kubernetes and more, along with expertise, services, support, and training, to provide a full solution for microservices-based OSS/BSS architecture. CSPs and their partners gain the efficiency, scalability, and resiliency of the architecture they need to innovate and to adapt to evolving customer and business needs.

Finally, Red Hat Agile integration solutions give service providers the tools to simplify and provide control over their journey to a more modern OSS/BSS architecture, putting them in a better position to improve customer experience and to create new revenue and business models.

Moving to a modern OSS/BSS architecture will have challenges along the way. That’s why you should watch our webinar recording: Agile integration for OSS/BSS flexibility, reusability and scale.

In this webinar, we covered how Red Hat Consulting’s application programming interface (API)-centric approach to integration addresses the issues involved in creating modern, flexible solutions across old and new systems. We introduced an agile integration framework that can deliver new interfaces to legacy systems and combine these into the new, container-based architectures of evolving OSS/BSS environments for greater flexibility and speed. Topics include: 

  • Modernizing OSS/BSS integration architectures 

  • Federating inventory systems

  • Synchronizing trouble ticketing systems 

The webinar features ACG Research principal analyst Mark Mortensen as well as Ryan Highley, an architect and software engineer with Red Hat. Mark shared his insights on the state of OSS/BSS today and an overview of modernization challenges. Ryan delved into specifics around agile integration and their impact on the topics above.

We have one more event in our OSS/BSS modernization webinar series – a December 11 webinar on cloud-native applications

Sign up now for Agile integration for OSS/BSS flexibility, reusability and scale. The webinar is available for one year following the Nov. 19 broadcast.

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