| Red Hat carves out IT costs

While many hit the voting booth this past election season to cast their ballot for president, there was another vote being tallied across U.S. CIOs and senior IT executives. The vote is in….more than 560 CIOs ranked Red Hat as a top vendor for helping their organizations lower IT costs. In CIO Insight’s 2008 Vendor Value Survey, Red Hat ranked in the top three vendors for meeting expectations for lowering costs. The CIO Insight Vendor Value Survey measures how U.S.-based IT executives perceive the value of their vendors’ product and service offerings along with overall satisfaction with the support these vendors provide. Red Hat has consistently sustained high levels in prior surveys and our responsiveness to customers’ needs was recognized again this year by some of the folks who matter the most to us – our customers.

In today’s high-pressure economic environment, spending wisely on IT has become a necessity and placed unprecedented strain on CIOs to achieve more with less. Open source has become the platform of choice for corporations seeking to carve the costs out of IT and optimize system performance.

While keeping costs under control is a top priority, CIOs are also looking for a vendor they can trust to be there for the long haul. Red Hat has continually established high-value and long-term relationships with our customers – just one of the reasons why we’ve received top marks in the CIO Insight survey for the past five years. The competition doesn’t come close to delivering the value Red Hat brings year after year. In fact, our closest competitor fell 16 percent and 16 vendors behind Red Hat in the survey for lowering IT costs. When it comes to solving the business problem paid to solve, Red Hat was 8 percent and 6 vendors above our closest competitor. For meeting ROI expectations, our closest competitor trailed Red Hat by 9 percent and 6 vendors.

Red Hat has helped customers reap the value of open source for years, offering dramatic cost savings combined with the flexibility to meet today’s rapidly changing business requirements. But don’t just take our word for it, check out just a few of the many Red Hat customers who have experienced cost savings and improved performance:

  • Learn how Europcar carved out costs with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Sabre Holdings, parent company to Travelocity, achieved 90 percent cost savings with Red Hat.
  • Swisscom IT Services realized costs savings with Red Hat and JBoss solutions, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtualization.
  • Red Hat solutions delivered $200,000 in annual cost savings to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

CIO Insight went directly to the source to get input from CIOs and senior IT executives who know what it takes to reduce costs while maintaining a competitive edge. Much as the collective voice of U.S. citizens elected the latest round of officials, the collective voice of the technology industry has also spoken. Red Hat’s long-standing reputation for lowering IT costs clearly make it a winner for helping companies innovate and thrive during a time of increasing economic uncertainty.

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