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Throughout the year, Red Hat Training and Certification delivers free monthly webinars based on our course materials to give a taste of Red Hat technologies and what our courses will cover. Missed the live sessions? Good news! These webinars are still available on-demand from 2018 and are available for 1 year from the live webinar date.


Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana for OpenShift: A log aggregation solution for your cluster

Learn how by using Ansible Playbooks for OpenShift, you can easily configure an Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana (EFK) stack, which is a modified version of Elastic Stack, for an advanced log management solution that's fully integrated into your OpenShift environment. Register (expires 1/25/19)

Managing virtual machines to simplify deployment and automate migrations

In this Taste of Training webinar, we'll explain how templates and cloud-init can simplify the deployment of VMs. We'll also demonstrate how to use VM snapshots and configure VMs to automate migrations.. Register (expires 2/22/19)

Access control and cross-forest trusts for complex Microsoft and Red Hat platforms

Using a common directory, authentication, and naming services for Microsoft and Red Hat platforms, IT organization can use single sign-on, support uniform security, and streamline user and system administration. Learn how you can accomplish this by centralizing user and server identity management (IdM) using Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. Register (expires 4/26/19)

Using catalogs to automate multitier service provisioning

Red Hat® CloudForms automation allows administrators to deploy layered workloads across today’s hybrid environment. Automation features help service consumers to configure and provision their own multitiered services. Join this webinar to learn how Red Hat can help you use catalogs and automate multitier provisioning. Register (expires 3/29/19)

Building more reliable and robust cloud-native Java microservices

Learn how to build and deploy Java microservices using WildFly Swarm, MicroProfile, and Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform. Register (expires 7/19/19)

Transform your skills with unlimited access to Red Hat online training 

A growing technology market demands new skills and knowledge. Solve today's business challenges and prepare for tomorrow by building your skills through unlimited access to Red Hat® online training. Register (expires 8/16/19)

Writing your first Ansible Playbook for network automation

Learn how Ansible network automation can evolve network operations and make automation simple and scalable for existing network operators. Register (expires 9/27/19)

Managing block storage in a cloud environment 

Learn how to use ephemeral and persistent block storage in Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13. Register (expires 10/25/19)

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Leader of Red Hat's high performing 50+ person global Curriculum, Delivery Platform and Learning Support teams for Red Hat Training and Certification. Developed and launched Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS) which has become a major element of Red Hat's training business in just two years.