The problem - In today’s global business model companies need a way for their employees to efficiently and effectively collaborate, while overcoming the challenges posed by different locations and time zones. Critical project documents often get lost or looked over in busy email in-boxes, creating confusion and inefficient processes across business units.

The solution–Collaboration is at the core of what Red Hat does. We believe we can do things better when we do them with others. So we collaborate with open source communities and customers to create the best Linux distributions. Red Hat Exchange (RHX) works with our open source partners to identify business problems customers are having and collaborates with them to design cost-cutting solutions for those problems. And this time we collaborated on a collaboration solution!

The Alfresco Share / Red Hat Solution is built on the Alfresco enterprise-class document repository and delivers out-of-the-box collaborative content management. It simplifies capturing, sharing, and retrieval of information across virtual teams. Team or project members can rapidly find relevant content, discover source matter experts, view past or similar projects, and keep abreast of relevant changes to increase efficiency. And it all runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The result? An alternative to Microsoft SharePoint and an opportunity to lower costs and achieve freedom from vendor lock-in.

Increasing efficiency while saving money and you don’t have to rip out existing technology - that’s sharing the open source way.

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