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In order to increase the community outreach of Red Hat in Brno I, together with Jakub Čecháček, decided to organize a meetup that would bring together a community of people with a common interest in open source and cutting edge technologies in the enterprise software world.

Our goal is to bring the latest open source libraries, frameworks, and projects closer to technology enthusiasts. This meetup is aimed at all kinds of audiences, including software and quality engineers, architects, product managers, and evangelists.

The Very First Meetup

The first meeting took place in ArtBar Druhy Pad on Apr 23. Although the venue is a bit “underground” (literally), it provided an excellent place for the meetup and talks. We welcomed around 30 people and had two great speakers:

  • Vaclav Pavlin presented OpenDataHub - A Data & AI Platform for the Hybrid Cloud. Slides here.
  • Martin Stefanko impressed the audience with a Supersonic Subatomic Java framework - Quarkus. Slides here.

Unfortunately, the talks were not recorded, although we are working on fixing this minor issue. We also had a  small networking event and refreshments after the talks.

Vaclav Pavlin's OpenShift presentation begins.

A month later, we had a second meeting, same place and time, but even more interesting topics!

Pavel Tišnovský asks Is Go language actually worth learning?

The talks were recorded, this time, so here are the links to YouTube, so that you can enjoy the presentations at home:

Keep in Touch

Please visit our community at and keep a close eye on the next meetup. Watch out for more meetup invites on Facebook and Twitter. We will also be adding recording from next meetups to our Youtube channel, so make sure you subscribe.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone involved. The co-organizer, Jakub Čecháček, the speakers (both past & present), Red Hat Czech office, and, of course, the attendees!


About the author

With more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, Stefan Bunciak is currently the Product Manager for Red Hat Insights. He completed his master's degree in Informatics at Masaryk University in Brno and is skilled in project and people management, quality engineering, and software development. In his spare time, he plays violin in a folklore band.

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