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Today, Red Hat announced the availability of Red Hat Exchange, an innovative marketplace for open source business applications. We’re happy to announce that Compiere ERP & CRM is one of the initial thirteen applications available through Red Hat Exchange today.

Why did Compiere accept Red Hat’s invitation to participate in Red Hat Exchange? The answer is simple: we believe that Red Hat Exchange has the potential to expand the market for open source applications to the combined benefit of customers, software developers and Red Hat.

Like Red Hat, Compiere seeks to remove barriers related to adoption of open source solutions. With some customers, the significant barrier to adoption might be the lack of information about stable and usable open source applications. For other customers, the barrier might be related to technology and integration. Red Hat Exchange aims to transcend these barriers by providing a marketplace of proven and supported open source applications.

We applaud Red Hat’s initiative in creating a marketplace where customers can learn about and purchase great open source solutions like Compiere ERP & CRM. You can find Compiere on the Red Hat Exchange here.

–Don Klaiss, President and CEO, Compiere Inc.

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