DevOps methodologies are core to a (modern) IT environment because they focus on strategic business demands: resilient design, rapid scale, and reliable service delivery. That last characteristic is the critical for effective DevOps environments.

The goal is for you to move through the total dev stack, as fast as your development team can code. Our new video shows how a Java app goes from being developed on an OpenShift container to launching on a production cloud instance in under five minutes.

Your IT department has to be able to let development develop applications continuously and roll out those changes to different environments smoothly – and that has historically been a challenge. It is incredibly easy for hardware, tools, and even Java versions to get out of sync between environments and block that rapid service delivery.

That is where JBoss EAP can step in. The strength of Java is that it is portable across platforms and architectures, but with JBoss EAP, you aren’t limited to only portability. JBoss EAP is lightweight and modular, which means that it can be deployed through containers or in cloud instances and remain performant.

JBoss EAP is optimized for deployment on OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat. OpenShift uses Kubernetes containers to provide only the services and libraries directly required by your application, with a single, specific container per application instance. The hardware settings, operating system, and package versions are all defined by you. This reduces the resources required for app development and makes the entire development process consistent and fast. Even better, it can accurately mirror your production environment.

After development, you can check your application code into a shared repository like git, and use standard lifecycle management tools like Puppet, Ansible, and Red Hat Satellite to deploy updated applications and configuration to different environments for testing, staging, and production.

Watch the video for a full demo, from container to production, in under five minutes.

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Deon Ballard is a product marketing manager focusing on customer experience, adoption, and renewals for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the foundation for open hybrid cloud. In previous roles at Red Hat, Ballard has been a technical writer, doc lead, and content strategist for technical documentation, specializing in security technologies such as NSS, LDAP, certificate management, and authentication / authorization, as well as cloud and management.

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