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As enterprises shift to modern, cloud-native application development, they need an effective way to enable developers and development teams on the technology. The enablement has to scale across the enterprise, across multiple lines of business where developers work, as well as across geographic boundaries where they reside.  It also has to support exploration, given that developers are often motivated by curiosity.

There are a host of sites that provide crowd-sourced training to developers for a fee as well as free sites and “informal learning” options. They are all valuable components of the enablement picture, but they don’t comprise a complete story.  They often lack the breadth or depth needed to enable enterprise use cases or fail to motivate the learner.

As a software provider, Red Hat is in a unique position to fill these gaps. Our development teams work with the products every day, our support engineers support the products every day, and our services consultants implement the products every day. We are uniquely able to take all of this knowledge about how the products are being used in the field and incorporate it into best-in-class content of all levels – not just introductory content. We know how the products work, so we know how to serve up compelling lab environments that simulate real world applications. We build the software, so we can work upstream to release new training content immediately as new versions are released. Only Red Hat training can decisively prepare professionals for Red Hat certifications, which motivate developers to learn by helping them develop their careers (as well as stick around!).

This is the vision for all of our learning offerings, including our most recent offering geared specifically at developers: Red Hat Learning Subscription Developer. This newest subscription includes access to all of our developer-focused online training courses, including our high-definition video courses, translated courses, lab environments, and the ability to take developer-specific certification exams to motivate learning. As new courses are released, they are immediately added to the subscription – ensuring that users always have access to the latest content. And it’s “always on”, which means the development schedule gets to dictate when learning happens, not the learning schedule.

The developer subscription is available on an enterprise or individual user basis. The enterprise price offers up to 90% off the cost of individual subscriptions, making it an ideal way for customers to scale training across large numbers of developers spread across multiple organizational lines. There is simply not a more cost-effective way to effectively train developers on Red Hat’s next generation development technologies.

For further information regarding these offerings, please contact your local training team, or learn more at Red Hat’s learning subscription page.  

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