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Communities are at the core of everything that Red Hat does. That’s no secret. What is also no secret is how innovation originates in these communities -- open source communities, specifically -- to fundamentally change the way people collaborate to solve business problems. It’s about finding a better way to address a common challenge, together.

Red Hat’s value is inextricably linked to the value our customers see and realize through community innovation. Mediocrity can’t survive in a truly open environment. From the outset, we’ve sought to question the status quo, with an eye toward what will drive the most benefit for the end user. Communities have enabled Red Hat to be successful in the enterprise world because we’ve found a better way to ensure our customers’ success. As a leading contributor to open source communities, we advance technology in ways that could not happen without a global ecosystem of like-minded innovators committed to sharing knowledge, as opposed to hoarding it or competing over it. Whether accelerating development initiatives or modernizing to a more scalable infrastructure, our mission has been to ensure ROI, not increase TCO.

Our services organization is a natural extension to community-powered innovation. Together with our customers, we create solutions, develop best practices, and transfer knowledge to enable sustained innovation using open source tools. We bring the expertise of a global network of architects and consultants to deliver community-powered principles and approaches, so that organizations can find their own open source way and innovate in ways they previously could not.

I’m proud to announce a new way that Red Hat is bringing our customers yet one step closer to community-powered innovation. Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is a residency style consulting engagement focused on integrating people, methodology, and technology to address and begin to solve customers’ business challenges in an accelerated fashion. As part of an Open Innovation Labs engagement, customers work alongside Red Hat experts to jumpstart innovation and development using open source technology and DevOps approaches, all under an overarching Agile methodology. Unique to the Open Innovation Labs, the engagement also provides customers a closer view into how to engage and interact with the open source community and upstream code bases.

Throughout the engagement, our experts help teams design and develop solutions to modernize applications, or take on entirely new challenges developing applications, architectures, and features for mobile, cloud, microservices, and more. Residencies can take place in our labs, which are being planned in locations around the world, at a customer’s office, or virtually through a secure cloud environment that allows for simultaneous global team access.

Community powered innovation isn’t just about a new technology. In fact, communities now come together in an open source way to support such global critical initiatives as bringing an end to cancer. It’s an approach. Open Innovation Labs is dedicated to catalyzing movements to help customers achieve their goals. Because of communities, nothing is impossible. Let’s prove it.


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