The OpenStack Summit 2014 takes place May 12-16 in Atlanta, Georgia and this year's schedule is chock full of panels, workshops, and presentations by Red Hatters involved with OpenStack.

If you're at OpenStack Summit, you can catch talks on plans for OpenStack Neutron, how to use OpenDaylight with OpenStack, how Heat will help simplify deployment and management of cloud workloads, using Packstack and Foreman to deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and much more.

Monday, May 12:

  • OpenStack Security Group (OSSG) - An Update on Our Progress and Plans: Nathan Kinder, Robert Clark, and Bryan Payne will discuss the group’s recent work and set the direction for future work. Anyone interested in OpenStack security should attend.

  • Scaling Out OpenStack Clouds in the Enterprise: In this panel discussion, Jan Mark Holzer, Kenneth Hui, Caroline McCrory, Jesse Proudman, Manju Ramanathpura, and Boris Renski will focus specifically on scale-out deployment of OpenStack in the enterprise, and they will talk about their experience deploying and managing scale-out OpenStack data center environments.

  • The Future of OpenStack Networking: In this panel discussion, Chris Wright, Dan Dumitriu, Kyle Mestery, Nils Swart, and Lew Tucker look at the direction of OpenStack Neutron and discuss how networking can evolve in the future.

  • Introduction to OpenStack Orchestration: Zane Bitter and Steven Hardy explain how the Orchestration capabilities of OpenStack, provided by the Heat project, can help make the deployment and management of your cloud workloads simpler and more robust by allowing you to represent infrastructure as code.

  • The state of OpenStack Data Processing - Savanna, now and in Juno: Matthew Farrellee, Sergey Lukjanov, and John Speidel provide an overview of project Savanna, its main goals and focus, and offer a tour of new features introduced in the Icehouse cycle.

  • Using OpenDaylight Within an OpenStack Environment: Brent Salisbury, Madhu Venguopal, Dave Meyer, and Kyle Mestery explain how to use OpenDaylight with OpenStack, including setup and debug of the environment.

  • Divide and Conquer - Resource Segregation in the OpenStack Cloud: Stephen Gordon discusses options for segregating resources in the OpenStack cloud, including their pros and cons, example use cases, and performance considerations.

  • Customizing Horizon without Breaking on Upgrades: Matthias Runge covers how to make changes, updates, and upgrades without breaking the Horizon OpenStack dashboard.

  • Enterprise-Grade OpenStack from a Scheduler Perspective: Gary Kotton and Gilad Zlotkin will talk about hierarchical-scheduling, cross-scheduling, and re-scheduling in the context of providing highly available and high-performance compute, networking, and storage services in large scale. They also will cover recent developments in OpenStack schedulers in the context of the general Enterprise-Grade OpenStack roadmap.

Tuesday, May 13:

Wednesday, May 14:

  • Extending TripleO for OpenStack Infrastructure Management: In this session, Keith Basil explores why TripleO works for infrastructure management, TripleO management integration points, what TripleO means for hardware/software vendors, and early work in this area.

  • Breaking the Mold with OpenStack Swift and GlusterFS: Project leads Luis Pabon and John Dickinson explain how Swift and GlusterFS work together to take advantage of the best each system has to offer.

  • OpenStack: Where Continuous Delivery and Distros Collide: Mark McLoughlin and Monty Taylor present OpenStack as a case study for how recent thinking around continuous delivery is influencing open source projects. They examine challenges in running an open source project, building a distro, or maintaining a public cloud, and they provide food for thought around the agile development methodologies used by many application developers versus the methodologies used by open source projects.

  • User Experience in the OpenStack Community:  Liz Blanchard tells how the UX group helps shape features and improve overall user experience in OpenStack, and helps verify that designs are meeting target end-users needs.

  • Automation, Orchestration, Confusion? Taking the Discussion Up the Stack: Steve Baker, Florian Haas, Georgy Okrokvertskhov, and John Yi discuss the tools, approaches, and frameworks available for OpenStack-based application deployment.

Thursday, May 15:

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