Just a month on the heels of the Fedora 11 Beta, the Fedora Project released the Fedora 11 Preview yesterday, the last in its line of public test releases leading up to the general availability of Fedora 11, which is scheduled for official release on Tuesday, May 26, 2009. The preview release represents the work of a thriving community of thousands of developers that continue to make improvements and resolve issues for the final release of Fedora 11. The Fedora 11 release contains a long list of new features, maintained on our Feature List. Because one of Fedora's functions is to serve as the upstream provider of leading-edge technologies, the features in Fedora 11 are a strong indicator of the future direction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The long list of improvements and innovations includes:


New virtualization features for security and desktop interaction



Automatic installation of fonts and programs for specific downloaded files



Better video card support including ATI, Intel, and Nvidia



A new system for improved handling of input by international users



The ability for developers to create Windows programs directly in Fedora using the MinGW cross-compiler



And many more


The Preview release will allow the public to see a close representation of the final release, while still giving them the opportunity to report issues that will help developers create a better final product. The Preview will be available as an installable DVD and CD set, and also as Live images. To see the latest in open source technologies, visit the Fedora pre-release download site and download a copy of the Fedora 11 Preview!

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