There are lots of reasons to steal this Virtual Machine (VM) - as it contains the latest release of OpenShift Origin, Red Hat’s open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. Not only is it inside, we've done 99% of the configuration and set up for, so you can boot it up and use Origin right away.

We promise not to report any thefts as long as you join the community effort as your feedback and participation are important to ensure we're building the best open source PaaS available.

What is It?

OpenShift Origin is an application platform where application developers and IT teams can build, test, deploy, and run their applications. With this VM, you can set-up your own version of OpenShift Origin and start testing immediately.

When the VM is running, it's accessible from the host machine using either the OpenShift console via a web browser or on a command line interface using SSH. The web interface is useful for easily managing applications while the CLI allows the user to write and test applications and components.

A Fresh Deployment Guide

All the details for enabling the VM are in the new and Improved OpenShift Origin Virtual Machine Deployment Guide which will walk you thru all the steps from unpacking VM files, configuring DNS, to setting up and accessing your Virtual Machine.

We know it's hard to believe, but there's almost nothing to configure once you've booted the virtual machine we're providing. Try it out for yourself.

New Features

There are lots of new goodies in this the V2 Release of OpenShift Origin such as: Version 2 Cartridge Spec, Postgres 9.2 with Postgis now included, and the ability to access the VM from the host machine without changing the host file.

Over all, this new VM release is much more stable than previous releases, and the build process is now more automated thanks to some hard work by Krishan Raman on the OpenShift Team.

So boot it up, go straight to the admin console, and launch an application on your own OpenShift

Here's the Catch

We want to hear from you! If you encounter any technical difficulties, please let us know via the online support forums or our irc channels #openshift-dev on freenode.

Join the OpenShift Origin Google+ community and come to our weekly community hangouts on Fridays.