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Hello, my name is Christopher Tate and I want to show you how to set up virtualization and a virtual machine for DNS and Identity Management to open our OpenShift web console and routes to the network.

In my previous videos, I showed you how to install OpenShift with valid SSL certificates.

Hey Tate: Step by step securing OpenShift and routes with SSL certificates for development.

In this video series, I will show you how to extend that, to install Libvirt as a hypervisor on your computer, setup a bridge network, create a base virtual machine image, and a new virtual machine to run an ipa-server, for DNS and identity management. The result is you will be access your OpenShift web console and OpenShift routes from any device on your network through all devices through DNS. Check out my videos below:



Hey Tate: Installing Libvirt and bridge networking for virtual machines on a home network



Hey Tate: Create a libvirt virtual machine consistent base image for virtual machines



Hey Tate: Virtual Machine running ipa-server for DNS to resolve Openshift routes on the network

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About the author

Christopher Tate, a Senior Consultant at Red Hat, loves to create systems for people to use in many places to solve problems. He believes in the power of open source and this quote by Richard Goodman: “Open is an opportunity, a chance to broaden the mind, free tools and resources to benefit all of mankind. Open is an aperture, something you look through, access for all, not just the few.”