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An article from the Red Hat Learning Subscription monthly newsletter. June 2016.

We recently added a new navigation aid to the course manuals displayed within your subscription!

Now, when you view a course manual, you will notice that there is a content map at the top of the course content pages. Below is an example of the content map and how it will appear in your platform view.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.09.25 PM



The content map will change color based on the pages you have visited. A dark blue shading indicates the pages you have visited. The map uses a red shading to indicate your current location, and light blue are pages that have not been visited or completed.

In addition to being able to quickly locate where you have left off in a manual, you can also use this navigational aid to advance to a page. Clicking on any of the items in the Content Map will take you directly to the selected page.

As always, the Red Hat Training and Certification team looks forward to providing even more great content, features, and UI improvements. Please continue to give us feedback on your experience with your Red Hat Learning Subscription.

Scott McBrien
Technical program manager, Red Hat Learning Subscription
Red Hat, Inc.

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