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Wanna know how to get a discount on your Summit pass? Wanna know where or what, the Summit party is gonna be? Then you should watch me embarrass myself in front of thousands of people in the Summit Party Promo video!

See that big guy doing nothing particularly embarrassing? Yeah? Well, that’s not me. I’m the plucky little guy in the backwards Sox hat who plays the butt of the joke in the last four seconds or so. Yup, that’s me, yours truly, ya boy, the self-deprecating weirdo.

So how did I get myself into this? Well, look out cause I’m fixin’ to tell ya, again…

I came from the era where the Boston Red Sox and The New York Yankees actually hated each other. We never won a thing until one fateful year, and watching the Sox play the Yankees was like watching a boxing match. I still get giddy like a little girl watching Pedro Martinez throw Don Zimmer to the ground, something which he totally deserved by the way. There was always something about that big green field under lights of the cool summer night, fastballs as hard as you could possibly chuck them without tearing out your arm out of the socket, and competition so tense you could cut the air with a knife that got to me. I’ll admit to being a competitive person, just like one of my personal heroes Kevin Garnett said in his famous interview with John Thompson, “Whatever we’re doing, I hate to lose.” And maybe that’s why I was always obsessed with all Boston sports. That said, the Red Sox always came first for me. That’s my team on the field. So when the Red Sox made a their run in 2013, my buddies and I grew out our beards, and when Koji Uehara came to the mound, my nerves disappeared -  that’s why I have a baseball that Koji signed in Japanese on a shelf in my room. To that end, when I heard this little filming had to do with the Red Sox, I had to be involved, it wasn’t an option. I can move wherever I want but I’ll always be that kid from Boston. Little did I know that it would become one of the official promo videos for Summit… Oh boy...

So go ahead, have a laugh on me; I don’t take myself that seriously, and neither should you. We’re all just people after all. Also, don’t forget to register for Summit, and receive a discount with the promo code revealed in the video.

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