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Software development can be a key differentiator for organizations seeking faster and more agile business models, but it’s no secret that the development, sale, and support of software can be costly. With this in mind, Red Hat offers independent software vendors (ISVs) and technology partners a clear path to certifying their solutions. Red Hat’s certification process enables partners to grow their business, access new markets and develop deeper relationships with customers to help generate long-term results. And now, we have a new research study that quantifies these business outcomes.

A recent IDC study1 sponsored by Red Hat revealed significant benefits for partners that certify their software as part of the Red Hat Partner Connect program, including greater return on investment, increased revenue and faster development lifecycles. In fact, the study showed that partners can see an average of 49% higher revenue for software products that have been certified by Red Hat. 

The Red Hat Partner Connect program helps partners achieve and maintain Red Hat certifications for leading open source platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). This helps partners communicate their leadership and capabilities in the use of hybrid cloud solutions and automation. In addition, partners can access comprehensive marketing support from Red Hat to help them effectively reach and sell to customers. In the end, both partners and customers can benefit from Red Hat’s enterprise open source model and go-to-market engagement activities.

As part of the study, IDC interviewed Red Hat partners about the financial and business impact of achieving Red Hat certifications for their products. The participants include leaders from companies focused on the database, analytics and security industries. 

Benefits of Red Hat Software Certification

Interviewed partners stated the following benefits from achieving Red Hat certifications: 

  • Confirmation of their expertise and capabilities in innovative technologies, helping partners to demonstrate technology leadership to customers. 
  • The ability to meet customer demand for hybrid multicloud environments.
  • Access to go-to-market enablement activities.

Partners called out the value of the Red Hat container certification and Red Hat OpenShift Operator certification in particular, which enable partners to build and distribute containerized software and microservices across hybrid cloud footprints. 

While certified solutions can help reassure customers that the software is supported by Red Hat, partners must also demonstrate their own capabilities and competence. Within the study, partners said that software relying on Red Hat technologies is increasingly important to their business success as more and more customers either require or prefer certified solutions. It is important for partners to communicate their technology expertise and leadership, and Red Hat’s partner program and certifications help them do so. 

Business Results for Red Hat Partners

Red Hat recognizes that partners must be strategic in choosing platform vendors that will not only bring value to their software solutions but also impact their bottom line. IDC’s research projects that partners with Red Hat certified software can gain an average $11.94 million per certified software product in higher revenue per year. With increased revenue benefits and low investment costs, IDC predicts a significant return on investment for partners. 

Despite evidence that Red Hat certifications are already valuable to partners, Red Hat is working to add even more value. We recently launched Red Hat Marketplace, so that ISVs and technology partners can access a more efficient, dedicated channel to sell and support enterprise solutions, and customers can enjoy a streamlined experience to find, try and buy certified software ready to run on any cloud.  

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with Red Hat and certifying software, download the full paper here.  

 1 Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat, Build Partners Improve Business Results Through Red Hat Certification of Their Software, June 2020.

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